The Urkins & Co Join The Fray In Demented’s Twisted

August 26, 2016 by brennon

Demented Games have put together a collection of their upcoming work going into the Urkins for their Steampunk game, Twisted. The little folk have now hit the sculpting table and were created by Lux Thantor.


This is one of his first sculpts for the range and is a Shooter for the faction. Named Blunder she looks like she’s ready to make sure both her and teddy are safe before she blasts you away.

It’s amazing how much detail has been packed in here for painters to work on since its effectively a little Goblin-size model at around 24mm.

Artwork Galore

Following on from the sculpting we have the artwork by Nicolas Amoroso. First off we have Ratcatcha who does exactly what you might imagine.


This fellow dwells down in the sewers and makes sure that the rats he finds make their way into the cooking pots of the Urkins so they can keep eating. He surely has plenty of other shadowy talents too in-game.

Next up we have the fast moving Shrike.


The Shrike has big long legs allowing its to wander through the murky and fetid waters of the sewers. The big rat spear it has then descends from the darkness to pierce you and leave you for dead.

Lastly we have Dawg & Flea.

Dawg & Flea

Dawg is a cantankerous brute of a creation who is always getting into fights while Flea sits atop him as they fight firing homemade grenades from that sling. Quite the bunch of characters!

Do you like the Urkin faction in Twisted?

"Named Blunder she looks like she's ready to make sure both her and teddy are safe before she blasts you away..."