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Aenor Miniatures Show Off New Fantasy Heroes


Aenor Miniatures has shown off some new Fantasy Heroes for you to snap up and use in all manner of games.

New Alien Adventurer & Creepy Cultist From Aenor Miniatures


We took a look at this campaign a little while ago and it’s coming towards its final week. Aenor Miniatures has now added some new Aliens to their Kickstarter and they look awesome.

Aenor Miniatures Welcome An Alien Invasion To Kickstarter


Aenor Miniatures has headed to Kickstarter with some rather cute Aliens which have come to invade our planet.

The Horror & Fantasy Ranges Arrive From Aenor Miniatures


Aenor Miniatures has put together a series of exceedingly well-sculpted miniatures for use in your Fantasy and Horror games on the tabletop. Let’s take a look.