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Basecraft Take you Deep into the Dark Forests


Basecraft have a new set out for building a wondrous and eerie Dark Forest to immerse your miniatures in. Check out their video above detailing some of the contents of this awesome set… Fantastic for making the weird woods of […]

New Battlefield Basing Sets from Basecrafts


Basecrafts has launched a pair of new basing sets designed to cover a variety of battlefield effects and customer budgets… the premium and the standard set.

Get your Secret Weapon Washes in the UK!


That’s right guys… Basecrafts are now stocking the full range of 30 Secret Weapon washes, so no need to battle with customs getting them imported from the US!!!

Basecraft show off their February Releases


A run down of the latest products from Basecraft.

New Grass Tufts from Basecrafts


Check out the latest basing addition from the guys at Basecrafts… Grass Tufts.

Water Effects… Brand New from Basecrafts


The guys at Basecrafts have just launched a new Water Effects product… check out their video and see what you think.

Basing Crystals from Basecraft


You’ve seen Romain working with some of the excellent basing sets from Basecrafts. Now check out some of the unusual crystals that can be used to create some cool Necron bases… or perhaps an Underdark theme… for all of we Drow and Duergar lovers.

Basecraft Release New Alien Crystal Colours


Basecraft have released two new crystalline rock colours to create bases which look distinctly alien.

Basic Base Making Techniques… part 1


Romain takes us through the basics of making bases, using the basing kits from Basecrafts.

Basecrafts – Desert Basing Set


Romain takes a look at the Desert Basing Set from Basecrafts.

Basecrafts: Woodland Basing Set


Romain takes a look at the next in the series of Basecrafts basing sets… the Woodland Set.

Basecrafts: Autumn Basing Set


Romain takes a look at the content of the Basecrafts Autumn Basing Set and creates an Autumnal base to show it off.