Battle Systems Works On Containment Protocols

November 20, 2013 by brennon

Battle Systems have been doing exceptionally well with their Tabletop Terrain Kickstarter and they have been showing off some interesting additions which you can see below.


Detention Cells

First up lets look at those containment protocols where the marines seem to have employed both airlocks and shiny detention blocks to keep the enemy at bay. I do like these interesting removable pieces of terrain that can make the terrain dynamic in a really simple way.

Battle Systems Bunk Bed

After all that fighting each soldier does need to have a bit of a rest at some point, and that's where these bunk beds come in. Talking of making things dynamic you could be running around tipping these over to make barricades! Just make your men take strength check or something to do it if you want to be gamey about it!

Once again this allows for a lived in feeling with the terrain and really boosts the story aspect when you're fighting it out on the tabletop.

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