The Forces of France Fight Back in Bolt Action

September 8, 2013 by dracs

Now the French may have surrendered in WWII, but they were historically great fighters, something which the resistance did nothing to disprove. Now these guerilla fighters are entering the fray of Bolt Action to reclaim their homeland!

Armies of France and the Allies

This new supplement gives you the rules and details for fielding the armies of France, Poland, Greece, Norway, Holland and Belgium, as well as the various resistance forces who continued to oppose the occupying German forces.

Warlord are also shipping out one of the heroes of the French Resistance with each copy of the book, Simone Segouin (AKA Nicole Minet).

Nicole Minet

Personally, I rather like the idea of playing as guerilla force in the latter part of the war. It should allow for interesting and entertaining gaming scenarios as the tactics used by both sides are recreated on the tabletop.

Will you fight for your homeland with this new supplement?

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