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Broken Egg Games Adds Heavy Metal To Game of Thrones LCG


Game accessory maker Broken Egg Games, has added some very nice metal coins to be used in the Game of Thrones: LCG.

Add Detail To Your Game With 2D Mats From Broken Egg Games


Now you can take beautiful terrain with you and game on the go with the 2D terrain zones/sets from Broken Egg Games. These neoprene mats will add instant terrain to your games- trees, water, rocks- in beautiful, colored detail.

Make Gaming Moments Clear With Elite Gaming Tokens Kickstarter


Need some shiny, new, colorful tokens for your games? Broken Egg Games has as Kickstarter out right now- Elite Gaming Tokens. These interesting tokens offer a great variety of common situations in our games.

Privateer Press Partners With Broken Egg Games For Display Boards


Privateer Press and Broken Egg Games have partnered to release the first officially licensed display boards for WARMACHINE & HORDES. Any gamer would be proud to have their army carried in on one of these trays.