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Dawn Unveils Her Finished Jezebel Miniature


Dawn gets to the end of her journey as she shows off a finished Jezebel miniature bought to life by Prodos Games. Come and check out the final product within...

New Sci-Fi Acrylic Base Inserts From Brush 4 Hire


Brush 4 Hire is making it even easier to take your sci fi minis to the next level by helping you dress their base. Their latest sci fi acrylic bases offer a variety of other-worldly patterns to set the perfect alien tech feel for your minis.

Add Cover & Character With New Shipping Containers From Brush 4 Hire


Change up the look of your table with the newest shipping containers from Brush 4 Hire. Add a few, or add a lot to bring character and dimension to your table.

Brush 4 Hire Launches Shanty Town Terrain


Sometimes your game calls for shanties, and Brush 4 Hire is ready to answer that call with their new Rust Point Terrain. This 28mm, mdf terrain can easily be inserted into a variety of tabletop games and add plenty of character to your scene.

Add The Perfect Detail To Your Bases With Brush 4 Hire’s New Grass Tufts


Brush 4 Hire has some great new Gamer's Grass Tufts ready to dress up your bases in 1,2,3. Choose from a a variety of colors and textures to add quick and easy finishing touches to your bases.

Brush 4 Hire Added An Excellent Detail To Their New Bases


Brush 4 Hire has created some awesome base inserts that leave a hollow space for you to fill with details to dress your base. Now you can flock to your heart's content to highlight the scene for your minis.

Get Your Gears On With New Steampunk Base Inserts From Brush 4 Hire


Wrath of Kings players can make their minis look even more awesome with the new steampunk bases inserts from Brush 4 Hire. These 2 level inserts allow you utilize the iconic imagery of gears while maintaining the functionality of your base.

New Fantasy/Steampunk Terrain From Brush 4 Hire – The Gallows


Brush 4 Hire has launched a great new line of fantasy/steampunk terrain - the Gallows! This MDF terrain set provides plenty of options for table set up and can be purchased as a package or individual pieces.

Fantastic Details With Themed Base Inserts From Brush 4 Hire


Looking to add some quick and lovely detail to the bases for your minis? Check out Brush 4 Hire's line of themed basing inserts- wooden plank, sci fi, metal rivets and high tech.

Brush 4 Hire Considering Launching Steampunk Terrain


Are you playing steampunk miniatures games? Brush 4 Hire is asking gamers if they'd be interested in steampunk terrain with inner room access. Let them know your opinions on their Facebook page.

Wind Up Your Steampunk Pieces With New Gear Stencils From Brush4Hire


There's a nice and easy way to add some fantastic steampunk details to your pieces with Brush4Hire's newest stencil set. 3 different sizes of gears & rivets are just a brush or spray away.

Paint With Ease With Harlequin Airbrush Stencils From Brush 4 Hire


Get your miniatures painted beautifully and easily with the new airbrush stencils from Brush 4 Hire. The Harlequin pattern was never easier!

Smart Modular MDF Terrain From Brush 4 Hire


Game on multiple levels with this futuristic, modular, MDF terrain from Brush 4 Hire. Their clever "climber" system allows your minis to scale up and down multilevel terrain with their pegged ladder system.

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