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Cigar Box Battle Mats Takes To Kickstarter For Help To Create New Mats


Looking to dress up for game table for your next battle? Check out this Kickstarter.

Cigar Box Battle Mats Hits Kickstarter With New Double Sided Mats


Cigar Box Battle has gone to Kickstarter to get help to produce double-sided battle mats.

Cigar Box Battle Has Gone Plush With New Mats


Cigar Box Battle has a new line of battle mats, this time they are plush which can be used to help simulate vegetation on your battlefield.

Cigar Box Battle’s New Mat Turns the Table to Lava!


Cigar Box Battle have released a new gaming mat featuring that turns your tabletop into the hot abyssal lands of the Lava Flats.

Try Cigar Box’s Free Frostgrave Campaign


Cigar Box Battles have put together a neat Frostgrave Campaign for you to play out (maybe on their mats!) called The Diabolist’s Scheme. You can head on over to their Downloads Section and pick up the PDF for your enjoyment for free!

Fight Out Your Road Warrior Battles On Cigar Box’s New Mat


Cigar Box Battle have added a new mat to their collection which is perfect for those of you wanting to play out your Mad Max fantasies. See what you think of the Road War Mat which is scaled to 28mm and is made of their high quality and durable fleece…

Cigar Box Battle Lay Down Gaming Mats For Waterloo & More


Recreate the Battle of Waterloo on a big new mat coming soon from Cigar Box Battle which gives you a playing surface for games ranging from 2mm to 15mm.