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Baueda Wargames

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WWII Skirmish Comes To Kickstarter With 1-48 TACTIC By Baueda


Need some WWII skirmish action? Now on Kickstarter is a game called 1-48Tactics.

Baueda Build Up Their Ancient Fortifications In 15mm


Baueda is looking to build up the fortifications with their upcoming set for a Hellenistic Fortified Camp.

New Roman Commanders Lead Their 15mm Troops With Baueda


Baueda has added a pair of new 15mm Roman Commander Sets to their collection for those Ancient wars you're fighting out on the battlefield.

Caesar’s Army Comes Marching In 15mm From Baueda


Baueda Wargames has gone to Indiegogo to help fund an amazing 15mm Roman Army.

Sharpen Your Defences With Dragon’s Teeth From Baueda


Looking to stiffen your defences? Check out these "dragon's teeth" from Baueda Wargames.

Baueda Yell An Oath To Odin And Sound The Charge


Send in the deadly warlike Vikings with new charging ones from Baueda Wargames.

Baueda Wargames Raise An Army For 15mm Dark Age Ireland


Fight in the 15mm Dark Ages with the Norse Irish coming from Baueda Wargames.

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