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Cadwallon Miniatures

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Cut Down Your Foes With Dugarr, The Red Axe


If you've been enjoying checking out the Cadwallon/Legend Of Signum range then see what you make of Dugarr, The Red Axe.

Cadwallon Go Crusading With Vedat, The Templar Veteran


Standing strong against the darkness we have the Templar Veteran Vedat, a new addition to the collection by Cadwallon.

The Garrus Crossbowmen Joins The Cadwallon Range


The Cadwallon crew have sculpted up another miniature for to use in your Fantasy endeavours. See what you think of the Garrus Crossbowman who looks stern and ready for business.

Cadwallon Sculpts Up Frothing Vikings For A Tabletop Raid


The tabletop gaming world's obsession with Vikings is yet to abate (woot!) and you can tell us what you think of these Viking Barbarians who are ready for a raid from Cadwallon.

Cadwallon Shows Off Upcoming Arcadia, Sunrise Knight


Cadwallon Miniatures has released a look at the next model coming out for their Legends of Signum game/range. Arcadia, Sunrise Knight, is a beautiful and strong female mini that looks like she'll have no problem cracking some skulls.

Cadwallon Miniatures’ Krampus Now Available For Pre-Order


Sometimes it's not Santa Claus that's coming to town. Cadwallon Miniatures is now taking preorders for their very impressive, Krampus, miniature...

Shewolf In the Works From Cadwallon Miniatures


If you're in the market for a new wolf-like creature, then you might really be interested in the latest work in progress from Cadwallon Miniatures. The Shewolf is in the works and looks like she's on the prowl and looking for trouble!

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