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Dice Sports

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Let’s Play: Air Flix | Dice Sports


We dive into a quick Let's Play of Air Flix by Dice Sports. This is a dexterity game where you and a friend take command of the Germans or the British during World War II in a fight for supremacy in the skies!

Unboxing: Air Flix – WWII Dogfighting | Dice Sports


Gerry and Free get a look at Dice Sports' Air Flix in this unboxing as they learn about this dexterity-based WWII dogfighting tabletop game! 

Get Stuck Into Dexterity Based Dogfights In Dice Sports’ Air Flix


Dice Sports are on Kickstarter right now with their dexterity-based dogfighting game set during World War II. Air Flix has you battling it out in the skies but with a twist!

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