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Greenbrier Games

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Folklore: The Affliction Launches New Expansion On Kickstarter


A shopkeeper waves in recognition as you walk through the town, and looks to you in hopes of news from the outside world. But you have a darker destination in mind, and no time to spare.

Greenbrier Bringing Folklore To Kickstarter This September


Greenbrier Games, on the back of a successful Kickstarter for Zpocalypse II, are going to be launching their next project known as Folklore The Affliction during September of this year. See what you think of the game so far...

Greenbrier’s Zpocalypse Enters Final Week On Kickstarter


Zpocalypse II: Defend The 'Burbs is closing in on it's final week on Kickstarter from Greenbrier Games and they have chomped the brains of their original target and are now focusing on stretch goals. See what you make of the full bundle you can pledge for and the limited edition miniature too.

Greenbrier’s Zpocalypse 2 Defend The Burbs Overruns Kickstarter


If you're looking for a zombie game then you can't go too far wrong when it comes to Greenbrier Games' Zpocalypse. They had major success with their original game and Defend The Burbs brings more characters, action, scenarios and of course zombie slaying weapons into the mix...

Greenbrier Games Has Some Great Pre-Releases For Gen Con!


Greenbrier Games will have a limited number of pre-release copies for three of their newest titles at Gen Con! Whether your a board gamer or card gamer, there's something you're sure to love- provided you get to the booth early!

Go Hunting Monsters With Greenbriar Games’ Fantasy Resin Collection


Seekers and their Monsters have popped up on Kickstarter from Greenbriar Games as well as being in resin are also produced with a range of customisation options.

Now You Can Be a Kami Master in Yashima Kickstarter


Greenbriar Games has a cool, new miniature/board/card game on Kickstarter now called Yashima: Legend of the Kami Masters. This game gives you the best of all gaming worlds with awesome minis, the speed of a card game and the mechanics of a board game.

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