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Grenzer Games

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Warhammer Bong? Ooooh, It’s New 40K Terrain + WIN Conquest: First Blood Starter Set #OTTWeekender


This week on the OTT Weekender! We check out a collection of 28mm Napoleonic wargaming miniatures and give away YOUR CHOICE of Conquest: First Blood Starter Set.

Grenzer Games Release Their 3D Printable 15mm Romans


Grenzer Games released their 3D Printable 15mm Romans for use in your Historical wargames just before Christmas.

Grenzer Games Prepare For 15mm Imperial Roman Kickstarter


Grenzer Games is preparing to fire up their Kickstarter for a selection of 15mm Imperial Romans in plastic.

Grenzer Games Give Better Look At New 15mm Plastic Romans


Grenzer Games has shown off some more images of their 15mm Plastic Imperial Romans over on their Facebook page. This gives you a much more detailed look at some of the models that you'll be seeing as part of the upcoming Kickstarter campaign. 

Weekender: Exploring Legends Of Signum & A Week Of Tabletop Gaming Goodness


Getting stuck into Legends Of Signum's amazing Fantasy world and more!

Sector Commander from Grenzer Games Hits Kickstarter


Grenzer Games has taken to Kickstarter to bring the game Sector Commander to life.

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