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Harebrained Schemes

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Two New Sets On The Way For Golem Arcana


Golem Arcana is getting two new sets soon released through November of this year and February of 2016. The two sets are the Gudanna: Raiders of the Blasted Land and Champions of the Western Wind.

Harebrained Schemes Bringing BattleTech To PC


Later this autumn Harebrained Schemes are going to be bringing BattleTech back to PC with a Kickstarter that will aim to get big robots smashing the hell out of each other...

Coming Soon, Golem Arcana App To Get An Upgrade


Golem Arcane the miniatures game from Harebrained Schemes is getting an update.

Your Golem Arcana Game Just Got an Update!


The beauty of technology is the ability to update things with the flip of a switch, or in this case, logging in. Golem Arcana has just released their first digital update for their revolutionary game and it'll be at the ready the next time you log into your game app.

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