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May ’40 Miniatures

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Unboxing: Early War 28mm Germans – May ’40 Miniatures

8 months ago 0

Join Gerry for another unboxing looking at the 28mm World War 2 miniatures from May '40 Miniatures. In this one, Gerry has a look at the German Fallschirmjägers and the SS who were part of the invasion of the low countries during the Early War period.

Unboxing: WWII Royal Dutch East Indies Army | May ’40 Miniatures

9 months ago 0

Gerry takes a look at some previews from May '40 Miniatures current Kickstarter for the Royal Dutch East Indies Army 1936 - 1942. Alongside these tropical troopers, he also gets a chance to take a first look at some upcoming European Dutch Army figures from a planned refresh of their oldest range!

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