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MiniWarGaming’s Epic Sci-Fi Passion Project; Dave Shows The Love Behind Ravaged Star! #OTTWeekender

3 weeks ago 17

It's OTTWeekender Time! In this episode, we do a proper deep dive into the awesomeness that is Ravaged Star with the epic MiniWarGaming Dave. We learn about the lore, rules, miniatures and more for this Sci-Fi epic from the MiniWarGaming team which has become something of a passion project.

Let’s Play: Takkure – How To Play! | Ramper Design

1 month ago 0

Gerry sits down with the team from Ramper Design to show how to play Takkure, their cyberpunk-themed sports game which is a take on rugby!

Let’s Play: Acheron’s Fall – Starship Battles In The Infinity Universe! | Ramper Design

4 months ago 2

Gerry dives into a Let's Play of the awesome new starship battles game from Ramper Design, Acheron's Fall! Based in the Infinity universe, you'll be taking on the role of your favourite factions in the interstellar void.

Infinity Gets A Space Combat Game! Exploring Acheron’s Fall & More With Ramper Designs!

4 months ago 6

Gerry is joined by Axel from Ramper Design to talk about the different games they have been working on including the new Infinity Space Combat and Tactical Fleet miniatures games, Acheron's Fall! Who wouldn't want to take to the stars with the factions from the Infinity Universe by Corvus Belli?

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