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Spiral Arm Studios

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The Karist Angel Descends Upon Maelstrom’s Edge!


Spiral Arm Studios' Maelstrom's Edge has revealed another of their massive models for the Sci-Fi Kickstarter running right now with just a week or so left on the campaign. See what you think of the monstrous Karist Angel...

The Epirians Fire Up The Circuitry On The Scarecrow For Maelstrom’s Edge


The Epirians of Maelstorm's Edge have netted themselves some more Robots and will be using them on the battlefield very soon indeed. See what you think of another new plastic kit from the guys at Spiral Arm Studios...

Maelstrom’s Edge Unlocks Big Epirian Robots For The Battlefield


See how the big pledge for Maelstrom's Edge is holding up and take a gander at the impressive new Warmechs that have been unveiled for the Epirian Faction within this Sci-Fi universe.

Maelstrom’s Edge Kickstarter Blasts Off To Great Success!


See what you make of the new Kickstarter for Maelstrom's Edge from Spiral Arm Studios that has burst through its target goal. It's being touted as the next generation of Sci-Fi wargames so come and give it a look...

Spiral Arm Studios Launching Maelstrom’s Edge Kickstarter Soon


Find out about the big Sci-Fi project from Spiral Arm Studios coming to Kickstarter called Maelstorm's Edge! A highly polished rules set, exciting background and hard plastic multi-pose models are all to come!

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