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Indigar is at war. Following the Night of the Cataclysm, in which the Spirit, a crystalline drug which had been distilled from the Well for many years, distilled from magic and bestowing powerful abilities upon its users, collected its toll. The destruction of the capital city of the Republic, Konagara, has left the lands bereft of a leader, and the corruption of the Spirit Drug has infused the people of the lands, sparking distrust and ill feeling amongst them. Demons stalk the land and war looms heavy upon the horizon.

Arkland is the seat of a powerful King, backed by 9 barons, which built its might upon the strength of its navy. Its powerful and professional armies are gathering to march out and take the lands under its control. All is not well as a powerful force known as the Light of Arkland has grown into a religious sect, with paladins and warrior priests to enforce their will. A civil war is brewing between the Light and the old Nobility.

To make Arkland's woes even greater, the Forest Tribes are gathering, taking advantage of the confusion to wreak vengeance for years of wrongs and ill treatment. Although generally peaceful and keeping to themselves, this gathering bodes ill for the surrounding nations as they are numerous and strong.

And from the desert, the Ramal, once desert nomads scattered through the lands of sand, are moving. Driven by a desire for an easier life, viewing the water rich lands of their neighbours with envious greed, they have harnessed the power of Blood magic and grow stronger since the release of magic on the night of the Cataclysm.

Which faction will you lead to victory in Chronicles?

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