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Gold: An Original Handcrafted Two-Person Strategy Game

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Gold is the perfect two-person strategy board game for you. It's solid wood design and handcrafted finish give it that quality look you don't see with flimsy cardboard games, or cheap laminated particle board.

Gold is the game you leave out on the table to stir up conversation or show off you interested in quality game play. It is the game that peaks the interest of the older, chess loving generation, as well as the younger quick-play gamer.

Game play is usually anywhere from 5-20 minutes, making it perfect for casual play, or when you just don't have time to dedicate your entire day. Each Player controls 3 miners that are trying to accumulate more Gold than their opponent.

The first player to acquire 3 of the 4 Gold pieces, at the same time, wins the game. With all the rules fitting onto a single sheet of paper, Gold is easy to learn and fun to play.

Gold: An Original Handcrafted Two-Person Strategy Game - Kicktraq Mini

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