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The Bantam Alley - Wargaming Terrain Extras

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28-32mm Post Apocalyptic City: Modular Handmade Textured Battlefield System, Scatter Scenery, 3D Resin Bits, Tabletop Miniature Bases.

The Bantam Alley was created for all tabletop wargames fans. Novice and advanced: gamers, miniature painters, terrain makers, diorama builders, modelers, collectors and every hobbyist.

This is post-apocalyptic city 28-32mm scale, where you can find. 100% handmade, real textured, high-quality painted - ready to game, modular battlefield system. Epic detailed scatter scenery build from scratch, finest cast resin bits made from 3d prints original models and uniquely designed miniature bases.

Our wargaming extras are created by us in the professional workshop.

The Bantam Alley - Wargaming Terrain Extras - Kicktraq Mini

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