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The Ravaged Wasteland of Crifoth

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A Brutal Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy Setting Supplement for the 5th Edition of the most popular TTRPG.

As a player, this supplement includes setting-specific race options, class archetypes, and background options - brand new and custom-tailored to this setting. Some of these include races such as Ash Elves, Orcs, Ssuri, along with background options such as Scavenger, Ratcatcher, Legionary, Tribal, and Slave.

A huge pillar to the setting of Crifoth are our unique twist to the Tiefling race. Tieflings in Crifoth are not the result of an ancestral fiendish lineage, nor a pact made from the evil beings who dwell beneath. The first Tieflings arose deep within the bowels of the ruins of Ossland, a century after the Fall of Humanity. They arose from a band of survivors, whom, in such a desperate time, resorted to desperate means: they drank the blood of freshly slain demons. Their bodies twisted, their souls corrupted; but, in this perversion, they gained immense power -- the power to survive.

For the Game Master, this supplement includes chapters of lore for regions, locations, important NPCs, some unique monsters, as well as new rules for survival, environmental hazards, and added brutality for combat.

The Ravaged Wasteland of Crifoth - Kicktraq Mini

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