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This Week On Kickstarter

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Welcome! You are now able to follow along, as we pick out some great projects for you to check out throughout the week.

You’ll be able to keep up-to-date with the latest Kickstarters and comment on what we should be looking out for and of course, let us know what you make of the campaigns as they are added.

Follow along and let us know what you think…

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@thisisazrael, the Dice Tower just started their project to fund this year’s coverage of board games. They have been using Kickstarter for a while, but last year changed to Indiegogo. They are back to Kickstarter this year. The Dice Tower has been around for years and is one of, not not the, largest board game coverage sites. They are most known for their videos, but also produce podcasts, live streams, Let’s Play videos, reviews, etc. They host two board game conventions each year, one in Florida and one on a cruise ship (which BoW should totally do and write off as a business trip).

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