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This Week On Kickstarter

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Welcome! You are now able to follow along, as we pick out some great projects for you to check out throughout the week.

You’ll be able to keep up-to-date with the latest Kickstarters and comment on what we should be looking out for and of course, let us know what you make of the campaigns as they are added.

Follow along and let us know what you think…

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Orc Invaders - 28mm Sci-fi Orc Miniatures

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28mm futuristic orcs armed with a variety of weapons. These hunched and degenerate creatures are ideal for causing trouble all over the galaxy.

Orc Invaders - 28mm Sci-fi Orc Miniatures - Kicktraq Mini
Orc Invaders - 28mm Sci-fi Orc Miniatures

The Widow's Tear: Cosmic Horror For Starfinder (Revised)

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The Widow's Tear is a "Plug and Play" setting for the Starfinder RPG inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft.

The galaxy in which the Starfinder game is set is a vast, largely unexplored region of space, just waiting for intrepid adventurers to discover it's secrets.

Gun Metal Games brings Starfinder fans new, exotic locations for their characters to visit during a campaign in a new line of Starfinder-compatible products: Descent Engine: The Spacefarers Guide to the Cosmos!

Each product in this game line will reveal new regions filled with a multitude of star systems, strange phenomena, new creatures and much more! The flagship book in this line is The Widow's Tear!

The Widow's Tear: Cosmic Horror For Starfinder (Revised) - Kicktraq Mini

Status Report!

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A 15 minute social deduction game for 3-7 players about a starship Captain attempting to save their crew from Rampant AI.

Status Report! is an asymmetrical social deduction game where one player is the Captain of a spaceship and everyone else plays one of the ship's on-board Artificial Intelligence programs. Unfortunately for the Captain, only one of these AI is still operational. But which one?

Every Rampant AI player must try to convince the Captain that they are Operative while simultaneously killing as many of the crew as quickly as they can.

If the Captain can identify the one Operative AI or keep the crew alive long enough to purge the Rampant AI from the computer, they may just live to fly another day.

Status Report! - Kicktraq Mini

Heropath - Dragon Roar

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Go out on an adventure, discover unique 3D place sites, interact with your opponents and monsters and be the first to slay the Dragon!

In this story, the heroes join together to eradicate evil forces from their land. Although heroes start the game together, they end up each on their own path experiencing unique places, facing vicious monsters and struggling to gain power. The hero that obtains the most power will be the one to slay the dragon.

Heropath - Dragon Roar - Kicktraq Mini

Black Hole Council

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A negotiation and deduction game about secret agendas and throwing planets into a black hole.

Black Hole Council is a negotiation and deduction game about deciding the fates of 32 different planets. As a shady member of the Council, you have a secret Agenda for each kind of planet.

Your goal is to negotiate for your Agenda so that you can gain influence and become the new Senior Councilor. If you can deduce your rivals' goals, you've got an even better chance to block their plans and dominate the negotiations. So what if you have to toss a few planets into the black hole along the way?

Black Hole Council - Kicktraq Mini

Frankenstein Faktoria Role Playing Game

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Frankenstein Faktoria is a rules-lite tabletop roleplaying game where YOU play one of the Doctors tragic creations...

Frankenstein Faktoria is a tabletop horror roleplaying game unlike any you have seen before. It might well contain the usual dead bodies, corpses, and demonical villainy, but in this case you are the corpse, or at least an amalgam thereof.

In Frankenstein Faktoria you and your friends play a Frankensteiner. One of the tortured creations of Doctor Victor Frankenstein, created out of a composite of body parts from cadavers and reanimated through science and electricity.

Frankenstein Faktoria Role Playing Game - Kicktraq Mini
Frankenstein Faktoria Role Playing Game

Spirits of the Forest

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A charming set collection abstract-like game by Michael Schacht. Learn in five minutes and play solo or up to four players.

In Spirits of the Forest, players represent the four elements that nourish the forces of nature. Up to four players compete to acquire the most spirit symbols, as they score nature points for having the majority of each spirit. The winner is the player with the most nature points at the end of the game.

Spirits of the Forest - Kicktraq Mini

Printable Tabletop Terrain for Ancient Rome

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Print your own Tabletop Terrain from 15mm - 28mm (or larger)

The initial modeling scale is 20/22mm. But the files are optimized to downscale them to 15mm or upscale them to 28mm.

Printable Tabletop Terrain for Ancient Rome - Kicktraq Mini
Printable Tabletop Terrain for Ancient Rome

Lords of the Motleyverse

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Lords of the Motleyverse is a fast-paced, last faction standing, miniatures and dice combat game packed full of strategy and mayhem.

Lords of the Motleyverse is a 2–4 player, last faction standing, skirmish game, in which each player controls a squad of unique characters fighting for supremacy over treacherous battlefields. The game is easy to learn and has a simple combat system that is packed full of strategy and mayhem, making the game excellent for "Tournament" play.

Lords of the Motleyverse - Kicktraq Mini

Halfling Skeleton Cavalry


"We are making halfling skeleton warrior cavalry, mounted archers, and a halfling skeleton necromancer for the halfling skeleton army!"

"Once again the world renown artist, Bob Olley continues sculpting halfling skeletons full of character and beauty (but don't say that to their face). This is kickstarter 4 in the Halfling Skeleton Army Series. Now we get the heavy hitters and scouts pivotal in any successful army.

We also get a halfling skeleton necromancer to cast spells and take over for Count Von Herbimyre. If you missed previous kickstarters, not to worry, you can get the units and characters featured in earlier as add ons in this one!"

Halfling Skeleton Cavalry - Kicktraq Mini

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@thisisazrael, the Dice Tower just started their project to fund this year’s coverage of board games. They have been using Kickstarter for a while, but last year changed to Indiegogo. They are back to Kickstarter this year. The Dice Tower has been around for years and is one of, not not the, largest board game coverage sites. They are most known for their videos, but also produce podcasts, live streams, Let’s Play videos, reviews, etc. They host two board game conventions each year, one in Florida and one on a cruise ship (which BoW should totally do and write off as a business trip).

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