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The Widow's Tear: Cosmic Horror For Starfinder (Revised)

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The Widow's Tear is a "Plug and Play" setting for the Starfinder RPG inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft.

The galaxy in which the Starfinder game is set is a vast, largely unexplored region of space, just waiting for intrepid adventurers to discover it's secrets.

Gun Metal Games brings Starfinder fans new, exotic locations for their characters to visit during a campaign in a new line of Starfinder-compatible products: Descent Engine: The Spacefarers Guide to the Cosmos!

Each product in this game line will reveal new regions filled with a multitude of star systems, strange phenomena, new creatures and much more! The flagship book in this line is The Widow's Tear!

The Widow's Tear: Cosmic Horror For Starfinder (Revised) - Kicktraq Mini

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