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Welcome! You are now able to follow along, as we pick out some great projects for you to check out throughout the week.

You’ll be able to keep up-to-date with the latest Kickstarters and comment on what we should be looking out for and of course, let us know what you make of the campaigns as they are added.

Follow along and let us know what you think…

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ULTRA is a 2-6 player dice and cards game in which players compete to be the last standing robot in the arena. The game is composed by 3 stages where you have to build your very own robot, build the arena and fill it with traps and last but not least....fight!

On your turn, you have to choose at least one of three available actions: move, attack or push your enemy against walls and traps to deal damages!

The game takes from 30 to 40 minutes per game, with simple and easy to learn rules. ULTRA is a fast-paced game and was designed primarily as a party game that can be enjoyed both from non-boardgames players and hardcore players (we all need a party game in our library!).

ULTRA - Kicktraq Mini

Squatch The Board Game | Time To Catch That Sneaky Devil

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Sasquatch. The most elusive creature known to man. Until now! Challenge your friends and be the first to catch that Sasquatch!

Squatch The Board Game | Time To Catch That Sneaky Devil - Kicktraq Mini

Fantasy Dice - Perfect Collection for RPG Board Game Player

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Better your tabletop gaming experience with this five Elements Dice set - Fire, Water, Wind, Lightning and Earth! And they are luminous!

Fantasy Dice - Perfect Collection for RPG Board Game Player - Kicktraq Mini

Tank Chess

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Tank Chess is a strategic game played on 16x16 or 20x20 square board which as a main objective has the destruction of the opponent’s Command Tank or a sneaky escape of your own Command Tank. The way to achieve this is by meticulously planning and executing the maneuvers of the rest of your forces composed of Light, Medium and Heavy Tanks, Tank Destroyers and Heavy Mortars.

The game incorporates some masterful strategic planning and decision making similar to the game of chess, but the nature of the long range engagements along with the firepower and the armour protection are the factors that have to be acknowledged in order to create a winning strategy and to achieve the ultimate goal.

Tank Chess - Kicktraq Mini

Cool Dice Bags...With Dice Inside!

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Black Oak Workshop is back with another project, but we're mixing it up this time! We've gotten a lot of positive feedback for the custom dice bags from our previous projects, so we're presenting some special designs to you! These are large sized bags and constructed with the same great craftsmanship as all our other bags. And...

What's better than a cool, well made dice bag? A cool, well made dice bag with dice in it! Every backer on the project will receive a standard set of 7 matching RPG dice! Read on!

Cool Dice Bags...With Dice Inside! - Kicktraq Mini
Cool Dice Bags...With Dice Inside!

Love Tove

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Support a Swedish gaming icon’s attempt to accomplish creative fireworks during the worst endeavour of her life.

Love Tove - Kicktraq Mini
Love Tove

28mm Modern African Wargames Terrain Wild Geese

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Since the 1970's I've been a big fan of the 1970's action movie, 'The Wild Geese' so as a model maker and gamer it seemed only natural to put together a set of gaming terrain for playing out the key scenarios from the movie. Earlier in the year we spent several days watching the movie in great detail, freeze framing and taking screen shots to come up with a plan for the prison / barrack block.

28mm Modern African Wargames Terrain Wild Geese - Kicktraq Mini

Ratmen Fantasy Football Team - Txarli Factory

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We are glad to present you our new complete team with high detail, exclusives and uniques designs, manufactured in top quality resign.

From Txarli Factory we want to offer you a complete team of Ratmen, composed of 16 miniatures, all of them different and with all the positions included. All this, accompanied by a spectacular design, inspired by post-apocalyptic films like Mad Max. The miniatures will be manufactured in high-quality resin, a material with multiple advantages over metal.

Ratmen Fantasy Football Team - Txarli Factory - Kicktraq Mini
Ratmen Fantasy Football Team - Txarli Factory

Foe Board Game

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Age and time in space are endless, vast beyond our comprehension. Millions of light years from Earth there is a solar system with twin suns and multiple planets. This solar system has splintered into three empires: The ELDIN whose home planet is very similar to Earth, the NARR who inhabit a desert-like planet and the SORN who reside on a violent, volcanic planet.

Starting out as a Veteran can you gain promotion through winning battles, discovering planets and strategically handling unexplained events? Already your agility and Weapon skills are better than all the other recruits. Your leader has faith in you. Do you have what it takes to be called Heroic Elite?

Ideally suited for 2 to 3 players - 1 for each empire with a 4th playing as a member of the XII.

Foe Board Game - Kicktraq Mini

Santa CHAOS - Magnetic Modular Miniatures Fantasy Football

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This winter the nasty Santa has a mutation for each of his beloved Fantasy Football Players. Interchangeable, magnetized.

Santa CHAOS - Magnetic Modular Miniatures Fantasy Football - Kicktraq Mini

Mythic Arcana - Roll Dice, Summon Gods, Rule The Heavens

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In Mythic Arcana 2-4 players will take turns summoning gods through the roll of dice. Recruit gods to do your bidding: alter dice results, destroy enemy gods, and unite the ultimate pantheon.

The first player to obtain a god in each domain: Heavens, Life, Wisdom, War, and Death, will reign over the heavens victorious.

Mythic Arcana - Roll Dice, Summon Gods, Rule The Heavens - Kicktraq Mini

JANX: A Game of Misgivings & Poaching Presents

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We are pleased to announce that we have genetically engineered the Janx—a jaguar-lynx hybrid, designed as the perfect predator, with hopes of releasing it into the wild to control the overpopulation of white elephants. Unlike the white elephant, the Janx is a real party animal.

JANX™ is a party game for 4 to 30 players, reminiscent of the classic white elephant gift exchange game—but one that is actually fun. We need your help to release JANX™ into the wild.

JANX: A Game of Misgivings & Poaching Presents - Kicktraq Mini
JANX: A Game of Misgivings & Poaching Presents

Zero Signal: Supply Run, a Quick and Easy Zombie Card Game

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In ZERO SIGNAL: Supply Run, you lead a camp of survivors striving to locate supplies in the city and bring them back safely. The zombie threat continues to grow, however, and every discovery carries with it the risk of being attacked and eaten. The object of the game is to collect the most food and supplies before the city streets are overrun completely.

Supply Run is a fun and simple card game that I have playtested with my 8-year-old son and his friends at school, my own gamer friends, and members of our extended gamer community both locally and abroad. Average play time is around 15 to 20 minutes, and the basic game serves 2 to 4 players. Our initial Kickstarter goal nets us a solid print run for the core set of 54 cards, and we look forward to improving and expanding on the game as we hit some of our stretch goals.

Zero Signal: Supply Run, a Quick and Easy Zombie Card Game - Kicktraq Mini

Enchanters: Lost Loot

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Enchanters is a fantasy card drafting game. Players take turns to go on quests to take cards from the Journey track. Each one collects Items on one stack and Enchantments on the other to craft a magical artifact.

Part of every card taken stays with them until the end of the game. When monsters approach, they journey onward to defeat in a deterministic combat encounter (that takes just few seconds) and score points. From time to time players rest to gain crystals or heal wounds.

Enchanters: Lost Loot - Kicktraq Mini

Super Fun Awesome Time

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Hi. My name is Josh. I'm one of the cool kids.

Here are the 15 Original Card Games I have conceived, designed, play-tested, and am ready to manufacture for your gaming enjoyment:

Super Fun Awesome Time - Kicktraq Mini

Final Bid - Spanglo Universal Edition

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Final Bid: A dual language, universal game of Specific Knowledge

Final Bid allows players to take advantage of their knowledge of very specific themes. You may be a TP whizz or a trivia buff but it won't necessarily help you in this game. Players with limited knowledge but who are shrewd bluffers can outsmart the know-alls. The many varied themes and the bidding system are great levelers.

Final Bid - Spanglo Universal Edition - Kicktraq Mini

3D Printable Dice Tower (STL Files)

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A 3D printable dice tower comprising of a base file and a tower file. Print multiple tower units to make the tower as high as you want.

3D Printable Dice Tower (STL Files) - Kicktraq Mini

Ember: A Resource Grab Fantasy Card Game

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Ember is a mystical element recently discovered in the world, leading to a magic fueled industrial revolution; Begin your rise to power by collecting as much ember as possible before your opponents! Align yourself with a faction and reap the benefits of each of their unique ways of destroying their enemies. Do you align yourself with the industrial Machinists who believe that Ember is simply an efficient fuel source? Or the Naturalists who want to use Ember to bring civilization back to the stone age?

Do you brave the madness of the Archivists, who yearn for power at any cost? Or do you follow the Fundamentalists- who wish to destroy all use of Ember by fighting fire with fire?

Ember: A Resource Grab Fantasy Card Game - Kicktraq Mini

SPARK...Questions for Kids

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Created by Marcus Moore, Family Therapist, "Spark...Questions for Kids" is a simple, fun game that helps parents, counselors, teachers start meaningful conversations with kids ages 6-12.

The game usually takes less than one minute for kids to learn, and adults can easily tailor the questions and gameplay to fit the needs of each child. Grown-ups can structure the game as a simple, get-to-know-you activity or as a tool to help kids progress from fun icebreakers to questions about close relationships, feelings, and challenges.

SPARK...Questions for Kids - Kicktraq Mini

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