Another Wave of Fantasy for Dark Sword Miniatures!

May 25, 2012 by brennon

Another month approaches and another set of weird and wonderful adventurers for the world of Fantasy have arrived from Dark Sword Miniatures. Check out their newest pieces below...

First off we're heading to the mind of Larry Elmore with some superb fighting females...

Cocky Female Knight with Sword

Dark Elf Female with Crossbow

Female Ranger

Female Undead Hunter

My favourite above has to be the Female Ranger. Perfect sense of old school fantasy artwork has gone into this drawing it right from the mind of the great man himself. Even if she does wear a Chainmail Bikini at least shes looking menacing at the same time!

Now we're off for some time with the Game of Thrones cast, namely the flavour of the month being Dire Wolves! But I do like that Robert Baratheon figure...

Lady - Sansa Stark's Direwolf

ShaggyDog - Rickon Stark's Direwolf

Rickon Stark

Young Robert Baratheon Variant Sculpt - with Surcoat

But of course the reason I bet a few of you are here is that you want to see what anthropomorphic delights Dark Sword have come up with. I don't think you will be disappointed...

King Richard the Lionheart

Frog Thief

Frog Bard with Lute

While I am all for Bard, I don't quite think I could listen to the croaking from that Frog one! My favourite of these has to be Richard the Lionheart. A perfect mix of pride and might mixed into a bit of animal fun.

Once again a vast and interesting collection from Dark Sword Miniatures.

But what's your favourite?

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