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Greebo Games Announce Pinkings Fantasy Football Team


Greebo Games have released images of their Pinkings Fantasy Football Team miniatures and they range from adorable to 'this is how Planet of the Pinkings' begins.

Wild Women And Worms In Latest Raging Heroes TGG Release


Raging Heroes have released the next installment in The Toughest Girls of the Galaxy Series, and these ladies have got are packing some serious girth in between those thighs.

Raging Heroes Release Dark Elves Draahk Riders Cavalry


Raging Heroes have announced another new release with their...wait, what is that thing? Is it's face melting?? WHERE ARE IT'S EYES?!?!

Steamforged Release Limited Edition Mournblade Miniature


A defeated Champion during a past age, Mournblade should have been destroyed as the Godtear was wrenched from his fallen body. Yet even as his flesh was consumed his bitter soul was unwilling to admit defeat, and in the darkness his disembodied spirit remained, feeding from the carrion energies of the dead.

Greebo Games Releases Ferociously Festive Reindeer Rider


Slay bells ring, are you listening? In the lane, blood is glistening. A terrible sight, we'll witness tonight, Reindeer Rider's in the Wonderland.

Bandua Wargames Release New Terrain For Orktober


Just when you thought Orktober couldn't get any more jam-packed with decadent, violent mayhem, the excellent folks over at Bandua Wargames have released some table bundles which will get your Greenskins tingling.

Miniature Building Authority Going To Kickstarter To Build Harbor Town!


Miniature Building Authority is going to Kickstarter to build a town!

An Update On Legends Of Fabled Realms


I sit down with Cad and Ben from 4Ground to talk about what's going on with Legends of Fabled Realms.

Beautiful Painted Archer Militia Drop By From ParaBellum


Para Bellum Wargames have enticed us once again with their beautifully painted miniatures from the Archer Militia ranks for their world of Conquest.

Total War: Warhammer II – We Are Surrounded // Journey From Tabletop


This time we find ourselves surrounded as the Norscan Tribes begin to show off the might of their Barbarian Hordes.

Total War: Warhammer – The Final Battle


Total War: Warhammer – Silencing The North


The North remembers and it's time to put them down in a show of force in this latest episode!

Guild Ball Proving Grounds: Alchemists Vs Morticians


It's time to get the bench warmers off the benches and rocking back onto the field...

Total War: Warhammer – Preparing For war


Have your tea mugs ready, Sam aka MrStainless001 is back again this week to prepare for war.

Warmachine Tactics: Piece Trading; What To Sacrifice?


We're discussing the tactics of Piece Trading...

Warmachine Tactics: Spatial Awareness In Games


Total War: Warhammer – We Are Defeated!


Let’s Play: League Of Ancient Defenders (LOAD)


Justin and John go head to head once more!

Total War: Warhammer – The Battle for Bankruptcy


Welcome back to this weeks episode of our Journey from Tabletop series where MrStainless001 aka Sam takes us through his adventure in Total War: Warhammer.

Kings of War – Forces of the Abyss Unboxing


This box is jam packed with models and with plenty of options you can customise your models to your own choosing. They even have a few imps flying around them and for those who want some battle drums, you can have that too!

Adepticon Talks Ep 9: Infinity’s Coming to Adepticon


Hey guys we have a fully loaded episode this week where we talk about Infinity at AdeptiCon 2016.

Weekender Lookback: Battle Systems Fantasy Dungeons!


Battle Systems have a new kickstarter for some very cool post apocalypse terrain, but before all that there was of course the much lauded fantasy set. NOTE: THE PRIZE IS NOW GONE!

The GenCon Event List Goes Live!


I know we are just recovering after our wonderful experience at Salute, but now is the time to start planning for GenCon, it is just over two months away!

Skin Tone Tutorials: How To Paint Caucasian Skin & Tattoos Part 3


Welcome to the final part of Romain's Caucasian Skin Tone Tutorial series. We get to see the final details and tattoo work on our Gaspez-Art Barbarian.

Skin Tone Tutorials: How To Paint African Skin Part One


Welcome to another of our Skin Tone Tutorials where Romain has taken on the challenge of painting up an African beauty in the form of the White Speaker from Kingdom Death's Pin-Up range.

Mantic’s Incredible Crazy Box Is Almost Gone!


Mantic's Crazy Box is just about gone for another year. This weekend is your last chance to grab one.

Coming Soon, Golem Arcana App To Get An Upgrade


Golem Arcane the miniatures game from Harebrained Schemes is getting an update.

The Year In Review for Games Workshop


Games Workshop is taking pre-orders for their Citadel Annual 2014. A beautiful book any gamer would like to own.

Bisotaurs Come Charging Out From Megalith Games


Megalith Games has some new beastly creatures for their game Godslayer.

DGS Games Releases More Surprises for Christmas


DGS Games continues it releases with this wonderful miniature. I believe everyone can appreciate the detail on this miniature.

Weekender XLBS: Dragons & Wild Warhammer Fantasy Theories!


Happy Sunday! On this Weekender XLBS we're going to be discussing a whole bunch of awesome stuff including John's new Backstage content he's working on!

Weekender XLBS: The End Of Warhammer Fantasy As We Know It?


Happy Sunday! We're continuing the Mantic Games chat into XLBS where we sit down with Andrew of Purple Guerrilla who have been working away on the Mantic Digital Apps that you can use to help with all your tabletop gaming needs.

Myth Week: What’s Coming In The Future?


We sit down and have a chat about what's coming in the future for Megacon Games' Myth! There's plenty in the pipeline but what would you like to see? More quests, bigger bosses, maybe even more heroes to add to your games?

Myth Week: How To Paint The Soldier Part Four


It's time for the final part of Romain's tutorial on How to Paint The Soldier from Myth! What do you guys think of the finished article and will you be painting up your own boxed set?

Myth Week: Meet The Brigand


Sneaking and stabbing your enemies in the back is the domain of The Brigand in Myth and if you like the sound of sticking to the shadows waiting for the perfect moment to strike this is the character for you. Did we mention he's also a literal sneaky rat?!

Myth Week: How To Paint The Soldier Part Three


We're back for the next stage of painting the fantastic Myth Soldier from Megacon Games as Romain adds the next few layers of colour. What do you think so far?

Myth Week: Meet The Monsters Of Myth!


You can't have a good adventure without some enemies to fight and so we're going to be taking a look at at the Minions, Captains and Bosses of the Myth universe! If you don't know your enemy then you may just be doomed to die!

Myth Week: Meet The Acolyte


We're powering through these adventurous heroes for Myth and the next for us to look at is The Acolyte! If you like the idea of rocking around with a gigantic hammer crushing skulls and then healing your allies then this should be your perfect pick.

Myth Week: Key Mechanics Of Questing & Adventuring!


One of the best things about game like Myth is that when you start adding in quests and stories these games go from being good to great. Warren and the guys from Megacon Games sit down to chat about bringing the world to life.

Myth Week: Meet The Apprentice!


There's always one person in the part staying away from the sharp things and hanging back to kill from a distance. No, it's not the Archer. This time it's the one throwing high explosive balls of death at people; the Myth Apprentice!

Myth Week: How To Paint The Soldier Part Two


Romain continues with this painting tutorial on the Soldier from Megacon Games' Myth adding another level of painting to this hero bringing him to life on the tabletop. Have you been following along with this one?

Myth Week: Key Mechanics Of The Darkness!


It's in the shadows and when night falls; the Darkness is coming for you! Sit and listen young traveller as we tell you how the Darkness works in Megacon Games' Myth. These tips and tricks on its mechanics might save you and your party of adventurers!

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