A Green Tide Crashes Down For Mantic Games October Releases For Kings Of War

September 28, 2020 by avernos

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Mantic Games has shown off the releases coming for their flagship massed fantasy battle game, Kings of War, and there is a lot coming if you're a fan of the Goblin hordes, but even if you aren't onside with the diminutive greenskins there's still plenty coming for non-goblin players.

Goblin Regiment

Goblin Regiment // Mantic Games

First off is the new plastic Goblin Regiment The set contains twenty goblins that can be made into rabble, spitters or sharpsticks. That's swordsmen, archers and spearmen for non KoW fans out there. The set contains five body types and twelve heads to make the unit easy to build but still have plenty of individuality. The sculpts themselves have a mixture of armour and weaponry that has been scavenged from the battlefields of Pannithor. Elven, dwarven, ratkin are among the races who have lost their lives and then their stuff to the goblin looters.

Goblin Army // Mantic Games

The Goblin Starter Army builds on the regiments of the goblin regiments backed up with six of the hulking trolls and a goblin mincer. Depending on what you build with the options available it's a solid 600 point block to start your KoW journey into the all-consuming madness of goblins, or perfect for people looking to add some allies to an existing force.

Goblin Mega Army

Goblin Mega Army // Kings of War

The Goblin Mega Army is a thousand points of goblin loveliness and a solid army for the green skinned little uns. Eighty of new goblins are supported by the magnificent giant , six trolls  and a regiment of mawbeast cavalry. The new plastic goblin weapon arms and heads match very well to the older mawbeast cavalry so you can mix and match to tie them to the newer models, although if you don't they still have that beaky nose and wicked features that have continued onto the modern sculpts.

Mantic War in the Holds

War in the Holds // Mantic Games

New Two Player Starter Set

So if you are brand new to Kings of War there is a new two-player set, The War in the Holds tells the story of the brutal battles between the evil goblins and equally wicked Ratkin. It includes an exclusive Ratkin Warlock and Goblin Wiz, along with forty of each of the new ratkin and goblin infantry models and support, a Night Terror for the ratkin and three trolls for the goblins.

It includes the Gamers Edition rule book with the full game rules and complete army lists for 14 different factions, plus a getting started booklet to help you with your first games. This set will be running concurrently with the Shadows in the North previous starter set while stocks of the older set last. So if you're just getting into Kings of War you can choose between two sets with four very different armies, truly it is an amazing time to be alive.


Halpi's Rift

Lastly if you have no interest in Goblins at all, and if not why not? Rob wants to have a word with you..

you can grab the Halpi's Rift campaign supplement for Kings of War. It's a combination of the Clash of Kings balance updates and a massive magical campaign with new spells and rules and the return of a bunch of living legends for various armies. You can read more about what is coming in this article

So there we have it, a lot coming from Mantic as they play catch up with the missed summer period and I'm onboard for all of it in big galvy buckets. I've been lucky enough to have been sent goblin and ratkin sprues to check out and they are wonderful and another step on Mantic's road of continual improvement. I'm only sorry we didn't get the campaign book in July for a summer of gaming but then we all know what happened with the event, remain indoors!

Are you a rat fan or a goblin thief? 

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