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Hot Kickstarter: Fantasy Infinity?! + Historical Legion Minis You’ve Been Waiting For #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender Time! Eldfall Chronicles hits us like Fantasy Infinity plus we're taking a look at historical French Foreign Legion miniatures which are just what you've been waiting for.

Mantic Set Up An Idiot’s Guide To Armada With Ronnie!


Mantic Games put together a fun video this week where they got Ronnie stuck into a game of Armada. Labelled "An Idiot's Guide To Armada" it also might serve as a helpful How To Play if you're interested in learning more about the game. 

Unboxing: Nightstalker Dreadfiend | Kings Of War


Gerry unboxes the Nightstalker Dreadfiend for Mantic Games' Fantasy mass battle wargame, Kings Of War. 

Build A Gothic Mansion With Mantic’s TerrainCrate Sets


Mantic Games has got a load of new TerrainCrate sets for you to pre-order ahead of their release on the 24th May. You can get the guts of a terrifying Fantasy Gothic Manor that could equally be the site of a horrific Pulp adventure packed with zombies too!

Mega Blanche Vibes In 2 New Grimdark Wargames! Plus WIN Necromunda: Hive War #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender Time! We get a look at 2 new grimdark wargames which are PACKED with Blanche vibes. PLUS, we dive into all of the big tabletop gaming news from the week!

Bring Mighty Drakon Riders Into Kings Of War With Mantic Games


Fans of the Elves in Kings Of War will be happy to hear that you can now pre-order their new Drakon Riders and Elf Lord On Drakon for your armies. Mantic Games have popped these new PVC and resin miniatures onto their webstore for release later in May.

Pre-Order Mantic’s League Of Infamy & Play As The Villains


League Of Infamy, the Fantasy dungeon delver with a devious side, is now available to pre-order from Mantic Games. Forget playing as the heroes and instead take on the role of the villains as they sneak, stab and scheme their way across the tabletop. 

Cult Of Games XLBS: Would You Dump An Army & Warpath Firefight; The Next Sci-Fi Wargaming Hope?


Come and join us for Cult Of Games XLBS as Gerry, Ben, Free and Justin come together to discuss hobby and the best time to get rid of your wargaming army or board games! 

Unboxing: Kings Of War Well Of Souls | Mantic Games


Gerry has a look at an impressive piece of kit for Mantic Games' Kings Of War. Here, we're looking at the 28mm Fantasy Well Of Souls!

DUCK ME! 15mm Minis That Look 28mm; Your New Historical Army Awaits #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender Time! We have a look at some epic 15mm minis that Lloyd swears look 28mm! This Indie team might just be what you need for your new Historical army! 

Mantic’s Hellboy: The Board Game Expansion Kickstarter Now Live


Mantic Games are back on Kickstarter with a project aimed and bringing a range of expansions to Hellboy: The Board Game. There are three expansions for you to pick up plus their new Hellboy: The Dice Game!

Bolt Action’s BIGGEST Tank Now In Plastic + Stargrave Crews Made Easy With Sci-Fi Apes #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender Time and a Happy St George's Day, this week Warlord Games Have announced that German players are getting Bolt Action's BIGGEST tank in plastic and our Indie of the week makes Stargrave Crews Easy but first we kick things off with Warcradle's big announcement of the imminent arrival of the Crown

Upcoming Bosses Available To Preview for Hellboy: The Board Game from Mantic Games


Hellboy: The Board Game by Mantic Games will be heading back to Kickstarter soon, This new Kickstarter campaign is going to include lots of new bosses, agents, cases and new minions to add to your already existing game. Providing new opportunities and new ways to play the already successful base game. 

Unboxing: Ogre Matriarch | Kings of War: Vanguard


Gerry takes a closer look at the Ogre Matriarch booster for Kings of War: Vanguard by Mantic Games. 

New Extra Large Ships Available to Pre-Order for Armada This May


The naval wargame, Armada which takes place amongst the rough seas of Pannithor has been a success, especially since the game system's release in November 2020. With a consistent release schedule and communities asking for "more ships!" and "more fleets!". The releases continue to surprise us, as these miniatures not only keep getting more and more epic, but they are bigger too!

Toothy Salamanders & Halfling Armies Coming To Kings Of War


Mantic Games has been showcasing two of the new armies coming to the Fantasy world of Kings Of War over the next few months. The first of these is going to be the Salamanders, an army of powerful and monstrous lizard-warriors who are ready to kick ass.

HUGE Ships Hove Into View For Mantic Games’ Armada


Mantic Games has added four new ships to their webstore for you to use in their naval Fantasy wargame, Armada.

New Kings Of War: Vanguard Solo Play Rules Available!


Mantic Games has published, alongside Chris Kellahan, a solo play scenario for those wanting to dive in and enjoy Kings Of War: Vanguard. This skirmish scrap features the ever-lovable Goblins of Pannithor who you'll have to best during your Fantasy adventures.

Unboxing: Ogre Warband | Kings Of War: Vanguard


Gerry unboxes the 28mm Kings Of War: Vanguard Ogre Warband by Mantic Games. These resin miniatures would be perfect for your skirmish and mass battle Fantasy wargames.

Cult Of Games XLBS: Where Are All The Deadly Orks In 40K!? – Also Lloyd’s Balls Did Rust!


Get stuck into another episode of Cult Of Games XLBS where we're talking hobby and why all Orks/Orcs have to be the butt of the joke in our tabletop games!

Community Spotlight: Dungeon Saga, Dewbacks & Flames Of War: Vietnam


We're checking out some Dungeon Saga miniatures, an excellent looking Star Wars diorama and also some 15mm Vietnam War miniatures too!

Cult Of Games XLBS: Is Lloyd Making An Imperial Guard Army?!


It's time to dive into some serious hobby time as the whole team has been working on painting miniatures over the last while. So, dive in with us for Cult Of Games XLBS.

Must-See Ratkin Minis + Grimdark 40K Magic: The Gathering?! #OTTWeekender


This week on the OTT Weekender! Check out some must-see Ratkin miniatures PLUS Magic: The Gathering gets in on the grimdark world of Warhammer 40K?!

Download Yourself Mantic Games’ Armada Solo Play Rules


Mantic Games, through the hard work of Jon Gunns, has now released the Armada Solo Play Rules for those unable to dive in and play with friends right now.

Community Spotlight: Skyrim Terrain, Star Saga & Frostgrave Barbarians


We get a look at some stunning terrain, a trip into a Sci-Fi world and a frozen Fantasy one too!

Pre-Order The Empire Of Dust For Mantic’s Armada!


The fleets of the Empire Of Dust are now available for you to pre-order for Mantic Games' Armada.

Cult Of Games XLBS: Help Us Refight The Battle Of Clontarf!


It is time to venture back into the Cult Of Games chamber of tabletop goodness and find out what hobby and more we've been getting up to behind the scenes.

Dreadball’s Magnetar Marvels & Galactic Tour Available To Pre-Order


A little while ago we saw some renders for Mantic's upcoming Dreadball supplement the Galactic Tour: Magnetar Circut.

Chittering Hordes Of Ratkin Are Swarming Forth For Kings Of War


All this week Mantic Games have been taking a deep dive into the furry fiends over on the Mantic blog as they move closer to full releases of the Ratkin for both Vanguard and Kings of War.

Ratkin Warbands & More Available For Kings Of War: Vanguard


Pre-orders are now available from Mantic Games for the new Ratkin Warband and a selection of additional options for those wanting to play as these Fantasy furry fiends in Kings Of War: Vanguard.

Warhammer Bong? Ooooh, It’s New 40K Terrain + WIN Conquest: First Blood Starter Set #OTTWeekender


This week on the OTT Weekender! We check out a collection of 28mm Napoleonic wargaming miniatures and give away YOUR CHOICE of Conquest: First Blood Starter Set.

Pick Up A New Dwarf Fleet For Mantic Games’ Armada


Mantic Games have pre-orders up and running for the Dwarf Fleet which is arriving in Armada. A Starter Fleet, Booster Fleet and Getting Started Bundle can be snapped up now ahead of a release at the end of January.

Mantic Discuss What’s Coming To The Sci-Fi World Of Warpath In 2021


The world of Warpath might not be getting as much attention as the likes of Kings Of War but there are plenty of fun things happening behind the scenes with Mantic Games for their Sci-Fi universe.

Community Spotlight: Space Dwarfs, Frostgrave & Gamma Wolves Mecha!


We get a peek at some Space Dwarfs for Warpath, Frostgrave Warbands for a frozen city and some excellent looking Mecha!

Dwarfs, Giant Ships & More Coming To Mantic’s Armada In 2021


It's full steam (and sail) ahead when it comes to Armada in 2021 from the folks at Mantic Games.

Mantic Games Tease What’s New For Hellboy In 2021


Mantic Games continued with the previews over the week of New Year and teased a few options for Hellboy: The Board Game that are coming down the pipeline later this year! 

The Kingdom Ride Into Mantic’s The Walking Dead In 2021


The Kingdom are next up as a faction for those venturing deeper into the world of The Walking Dead: All Out War from Mantic Games in 2021.

New Painted Mantic Ratkin Previews For Kings Of War Fans!


Mantic Games has been previewing more of what's to come for those diving into Kings Of War and Kings Of War: Vanguard over the next few months.

4 New Warcry Boxed Sets & Epic Age Of Sigmar Heroes; Which Would You Choose? + WIN Bill & Ted’s Riff In Time #Weekender


This week on the OTT Weekender! We check out new Warcry and Warhammer Underworlds options for Warhammer: Age Of Sigmar AND we give away Bill & Ted's Riff In Time!

Meet More Of Mantic Games’ New DreadBall Personalities


Mantic Games have some fun plans in the mix for their Sci-Fi sports game, DreadBall and that means some new miniatures and rules!

Forge Father Artificers Battle In Mantic Games’ Deadzone


Mantic Games continue their round-up of previews from their Open Day with a look at what's coming for Deadzone.

Marvel’s Badass Deadpool & X-Force Miniatures + Epic Vikings Worthy Of Tabletop Valhalla! #Weekender


This week on the OTT Weekender! Deadpool & X-Force are coming to Marvel: Crisis Protocol PLUS we look at some epic Viking miniatures for your tabletop wargames. 

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