The Nightstalkers Burst Into Mantic’s Sci-Fi Wargame, Firefight

June 4, 2024 by brennon

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Mantic Games are now taking pre-orders for the terrifying hordes of Nightstalkers coming to invade the Sci-Fi world of Firefight! There are plenty of new monsters for you to snap up and throw into your 28mm games including a big army bundle for you to get started with.

Butchers & Ravagers - Firefight

Butchers & Ravagers // Firefight

We start with the terrifying Butchers & Ravagers set from Mantic which is a hard plastic kit but with resin upgrades. These terrifying brutes are there to smash their way through defensive lines and barricades with bodies that are covered in shard, heavy blades. They are also joined by the Ravagers which spout forth terrible chemicals that render foes into slag. Some gorgeous miniatures for absolutely murdering your foes!

Next up, we have one of the Dread Ravagers for the Nightstalkers.

Ravager - Firefight

Ravager // Firefight

Similar in "design" to the Ravagers we've just seen, these are creatures that bear even more heavy weaponry. They now shamble around on four legs, making for a much more stable firing platform. You don't want to have one of these breathing down your neck.

You don't have to just watch out for foes on the ground. Some of the Nighstalkers have taken to the skies and are going to be raining down terror from above.

Luctus Voidrays - Firefight

Luctus Voidrays // Firefight

Shoals of these Luctus Voidrays drift through portals and then spew caustic chemicals down onto their victims. Their enemies are immolated and eviscerated by these terrors. What's quite nice about the Nightstalkers range is that whilst there is the official scheme here, there's no reason why you can't go wild with your own schemes. You could paint these in all manner of different ways and they'd look perfect.

There are even bigger terrors for you to face in the skies though. That's where the Nihilitas Void Ray comes in.

Nihilitas Void Ray - Firefight

Nihilitas Void Ray // Firefight

Despite their size, these terrors are usually gracefully drifting through the skies at the forefront of a Nightstalker attack. They are connected to the Void and can help spew forth Nightstalkers to different spots on the battlefield. They even fill their enemy's minds with visions of paranoia and horror. Wonderful.

We've seen some big miniatures for the Nightstalkers but there are also the shambling masses, horrors and nightmares that swarm around the larger beasts. You can also get yourself a new Scarecrow/Spectre squad.

Scarecrows - Firefight

Scarecrows & Spectres // Firefight

These are humanoid footsoldiers of the Nighstalkers and whilst they are weak, the sheer number of them makes them a terrifying foe to face. With that many claws and teeth to contend with, you will want to lay down some serious covering fire.

Staggering, misshapen humanoids, the specimens dubbed ‘scarecrows’ or ‘spectres’ in reports to the ETCU, have been theorised as being the Nightstalkers’ foot soldiers. Although apparently the weakest creatures encountered, these shuffling hordes or creeping horrors are often seen as the leering, many-toothed faces of the Nightstalker invasion.

Talking of smaller creatures, you can also get the Reapers but they are seemingly part of the Nightstalker Strike Force at the moment. Plenty of bladed limbs ready for slicing through terrified flesh!

Reapers - Firefight

Reapers // Firefight

Talking of the Strike Force, you can get your hands on all of the miniatures shown here and more as part of this big boxed set.

Nightstalker Strike Force - Firefight

Nightstalker Strike Force // Firefight

The Nightstalker Strike Force comes with Butchers, Ravagers, Void Touched, Scarecrows/Spectres, Reapers, a resin Horror and a mighty Terror. This is an excellent starting point for someone wanting to flood their tabletop with fearsome nightmares from the Void.

Are you tempted by the Nighstalkers for use in Firefight?

"This is an excellent starting point for someone wanting to flood their tabletop with fearsome nightmares from the Void..."

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