Signum Workshop Making 3D Prints More Accessible

August 2, 2021 by avernos

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Signum Games have been making stunning fantasy miniatures for years now and last year they launched a Patreon for 3D print fans, this month however they have taken things a step further and now Signum Workshop is live!

Signum Workshop a-new-journey-begins-cover

Signum Workshop A New Journey Begins

Signum Workshop is a partnership between Signum Games and Shop3D to make it easier for people to access some of their models from a supplier in the UK. If you prefer the resin figures fear not as they are not going anywhere, but shipping from Ukraine was off-putting for some and so they are slowly making their catalogue available via Signum Workshop so if you don't have your own 3D printer then you can order from the UK based store and not have to worry about the shipping costs.

The Website can be filtered by Faction, Class, and Race parameters, where you can choose their “Legends of Signum” faction affiliation or the most popular RPG classes and Races, whether it’s a Paladin or Rogue, Demon or Goblin, and so on. All this allows you to quickly find any type of miniature you may be searching for. This is especially handy if you are not familiar with the Legends of Signum range and are planning on using them in other games.

If you have your own printer though you may want to check out the Patreon where you can get your hands on the files hot off the render presses.

I've been a fan for years and with this move into complementary 3D and physical stores hopefully, more people will get into Signum Games' extensive catalogue and we'll see these appearing on the tabletop more often in future.

What do you make of their Workshop plans?

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