Big Models And Big Plans For Conquest Coming In September

August 3, 2021 by avernos

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September's pre-orders from Para-Bellum Wargames have been announced for both Conquest: First Blood and their flagship massed battle game, The Last Argument of Kings, and they are big in scope and miniature size.

Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings // Para Bellum Wargames

The big news is both versions of Conquest are getting a new edition. Both The Last Argument of Kings and First Blood will have updated rules, in 6 languages to be ready in print while still for FREE as an online download at the same time.

Version 1.5 is a major rules polishing and bug fixing update. Special rules and Draw Events have been optimized with the Special Rule X allowing us to better tailor universal special rules to each individual Regiment e.g. Terrifying X, Fury X etc.
Another major update is the way Decay is being resolved, being changed from a Draw Event to a Special Rule! Impact attacks and Obscuration were reworked so as to inflict a higher number of Attacks whilst the Inspired Action was rebalanced.

Finally, a great ton of polishing has been done, adding clarity to previously hard to interpret rules as well as standardized language to make reading and interpreting said rules easier.

Big news there and with the fifth faction just released and three more on the horizon it's great to see the feedback from the community being used to make the game better to play and easier to pick up for new players as the game grows. Some of the reveals are very relevant for the new miniature releases as the Spires Stryx regiment gets a plastic kit

Stryx // The Spires

The Stryx are a flying light infantry regiment able to traverse the battlefield with ease but this freedom of movement comes at a cost. The Spires have lightened the bone density of the Stryx that they will not stand up to much punishment at all, however, due to the toxic payload they are forced to carry every wound inflicted on this unit will cause all engaged enemy units to suffer a wound through their lethal demise rule.

Ice Jotnar // The Nords

The Ice Jotnar is the next in the Artisan series so this mighty figure will be cast in resin to capture the exquisite details sculpted by Michael Knontraros but will also carry a hefty price tag. Unlike the regular Jotnar the Ice Jotnar has a lower amount of wounds but that is offset by a Defense of three rather than one, so he will be sticking around, add to that an improved Cleave value and the additional 70 points to field this beast is almost paid for.

But the real reason you want to bring the icy threat with you is that he is a spellcaster with access to up to three spells, additional defense on himself, a ranged attack to inflict wounds on a target and my personal favourite Encase. If successfully cast it halves the march value of the target and in a rank and file game especially movement and manoeuvre are incredibly important, being able to stymie an opponent at an opportune moment can ruin previous turns of preparation and hand you a massive edge.

Then you stamp on them with a massive Ice Jotnar, what's not to love?

Herald of Stone // Dweghom

There are also releases for the Dweghom and the Hundred Kingdoms as they both get new Characters. The Herald of stone (above) and the Null Mage (below) are resin cast and highly detailed. At the moment they do not appear in the Army Builder, so they may be getting additional rules in the future or it could be to add variety to your Characters depending on the role you have for them on the tabletop. Either way they are once again stunning sculpts from the team at Para Bellum.

Null Mage // Hundred Kingdoms

So as people get to grips with The W'adrhŭn as the newest kids on the block there is still plenty coming for the existing factions to help redress the balance of dinosaur riding saurians. As much as I like the Icy Jotnar, I think the stand out sculpt for me has got to be the Null Mage. There is a lot going on with him controlling all the elements at once in the mystical version of doing wheelies in front of your friends, but it is the wooden mask that does it for me, I'm sure I've seen it before and it was smokin'

Pre Order Upcoming Releases

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What do you think of the revelations for September? 

"Big news there and with the fifth faction just released and three more on the horizon it's great to see the feedback from the community being used to make the game better to play and easier to pick up for new players as the game grows."

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