Magnificent Multi-Part Fantasy Minis On The Way From WizKids

August 3, 2021 by avernos

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WizKids has been producing some terrific one-piece plastics for players of RPGs for a while now, the Dungeons & Dragons Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures has been gratefully received by Games Masters across the world as they have been able to easily fill their tabletop games with cheap models that still look good.

Balor // Wizkids

In an article on Games Radar Wizkids have announced that by the end of 2021 there will be two new ranges to help gamers get miniatures on the table for their games and to help new players and GMs who maybe haven't been involved in the hobby before to easily individualise their figures and get them painted. First up is a new paint range in collaboration with Vallejo.

Prismatic Paint Range // Vallejo & WizKids

The Prismatic paint range will contain 60 paints, available as individual dropper pots and also two 30 bottle sets the Starter Case, which includes 30 basic colours and serves as an entry-level option. The second is an intermediate bundle with 30 more complex effects, I imagine that will contain washes and effects paints as well as traditional paints but twenty of the line will be completely new. One of the things they have stated is that they will not be naming the paints with strange paint names making it easier for new gamers to step in without having to puzzle out what colour noxious kobold sweat is! I for one appreciate that weird names help nobody keep track of what they are using.

Frameworks // Wizkids

Now onto the meat of this hobby meal, the new Frameworks miniatures will come with a variety of components that allow individuality and variety in the build of both smaller groups of monsters and of the Player Character heroes themselves. There is no talk yet on what the material will be, whether hard plastic styrene sprues or something more akin to the current softer plastic, but regardless of what they use it certainly offers up a lot of possibilities for gamers to define their characters exactly as they want them without having to do more complex re-sculpts or kit bashing.

There are also additional pieces going to be included on the sprues so sets of arrows, mushrooms, and similar detritus will be available in differing numbers that can be dropped onto bases to mark out different models to track stats and wounds without having to number or add other things to the bases and that is a subtle inclusion that will come in very handy for GMs.

The Frameworks range will feature single characters, box sets of groups like orcs and kobolds, and also larger sets that all will include a ton of details and opens up the options for not just roleplayers but a wide range of gamers, and despite the D&D branding the team are aiming to make them game agnostic so whether you plan on running a game of Pathfinder, Tunnels & Trolls or even playing a skirmish game like Frostgrave you will find a large variety of kits coming that should help you.

I am going to be keeping an eye on WizKids frameworks to see what comes down the line as it could be an excellent resource for gamers but for now, I shall leave you with the rest of the model renders to drool over.

"it certainly offers up a lot of possibilities for gamers to define their characters exactly as they want them without having to do more complex re-sculpts or kit bashing."

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