Beornings Rise To Defend The North With GW’s New Models

May 9, 2022 by fcostin

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The Beornings are coming out of hibernation! With the Defence of the North supplement underway: bringing Easterlings to the forefront of Erebor and Dale. Warhammer announced during Warhammer Fest 2022 that Beornings will be joining the battle as the next set of miniatures to be released for Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game.

Chieftain Grimbeorn will be holding up the helm. Son of Beorn, this brute is not only a filthy opponent when wielding his axe, but on command can unleash fury, flexing his skin-changing abilities by turning into a fearsome and rampaging bear.

Grimbeorn Preview - MESBG

Grimbeorn Preview // Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game

Alongside Grimbeorn, players will find reinforcement in the Beornings. A set of warriors who are more than equipped to take down any dark invader who chooses to cross the Vales of Anduin. Players can stack out their troops with different options of build, varying weapons with bows and axes and heads to vary the masses.

Beornings Preview - Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game

Beornings Preview // Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game

The forces of Sauron better look twice before heading northeast of Mirkwood, not only do they have a set of Ballistae incoming from the aerial talents of Dale that's sure to take down the likes of a Balrog, but the Beornings are approaching to hack through any dark opponent that stands in their way.

With all of the announcements of new content coming to Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game, there are some really interesting units heading to the battle. With Beorn being one of my favourite characters that have dwelled in Middle-earth, and the Beornings being a pleasurable addition to Middle-earth, I am certainly excited to see the Beornings rampage into war after keeping the dark forces at bay down the Anduin River.

What do you think of the upcoming addition of Beornings for Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game?

"Beornings are approaching to hack through any dark opponent that stands in their way. "

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