Alternative Armies Has Let the Kitton Out Of The Bag

September 25, 2019 by avernos

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Alternative Armies have just released the first of a new range of miniatures for the World of Valon, the Kitton.

Kitton Cover

 Far from Urop and beyond the Mordredian Wars away from the battle between the Ferach Empire and the alliances against it is a land almost sealed off from the rest of Valon. Sealed by fate and by the tumult caused by the shattering of the bonds of Wylde Magicke.  This land is called Kitton home of the Kitoka.  The Kitoka lived in harmony with the mountainous land around them and under the sway of the strange creatures which inhabited its forests, streams and fields but that was before the great war. Started by the shattering of the laws of Wylde Magicke this war brought chaos to Kitton and great tumult in nature.  This war ended with the titanic battle of Sekimeowara which saw the Kitoka victorious against arrayed magicke creatures.  The war resulted in the rule of the Tiddlesgawa Shogunate.  The feline Kitota live in a rigid society topped by the Daimyo lords then the Samurai warriors, the Ashigaru soldiers below them then the merchants and peasants and the outcast Ronin most lowly of all.  Skirmishes between Daimyo are common as are bandit raids and attacks by monstrous yokai too.  Welcome to Kitton!

If you aren't aware of Slaughterloo or Flintloque already, they are a Napoleonique Mass Battle and Skirmish rule sets, respectively,  for Alternative Armies alternative world. In it British Orcs fight against French elves, and other fantastical races. This time however they are moving out east and begining the range with two packs of 28mm feline miniatures sculpted by Sam Croes. This range will expand month by month with Samurai, Ashigaru, Townsfolk, Monsters and more. This time it is the turn of the Ronin. Outcast Catmen!

Alternative Armies Kitoka Ronin

The first pack of Kitton contains a saki swigging Kitton among them he is my favourite of all of the outcast Kitoka warriors

Alternative Armies Kitoka Ronin 2

the second pack has another diverse selection of arms and armour, including a longbow and a straw hat wearing ronin. All of these are available as individual miniatures or in packs, or perhaps litters, to allow you to select the finest warriors for your forces. Over time this faction will build and a starter set will be released to allow people who want to easily join the World of Valon an easy entry point, but if you fancy getting ahead of the pack these are available now.

Are these Kittons giving you paws for thought?

"This war ended with the titanic battle of Sekimeowara which saw the Kitoka victorious against arrayed magicke creatures. "

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