Aenor Miniatures Ogre & Orc Warband Unleashed

November 15, 2019 by avernos

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A fearsome band of orcs have appeared on Kickstarter from a French company Aenor Miniatures, and I have to say that I'm blown away by these misunderstood monsters.

Aenor Miniatures Group

This is a tightly run campaign, no extreme stretch goals or unlocks, 5 orcs and the ogre are sculpted and the target is to get them out into the world were they may feast on human flesh once again. Looking at those orcs they need fattening up (although the gut on the ogre leads me to believe that the warband was larger at some point)

Aenor Miniatures Orc

The orcs are armed and armoured in a variety of ways, and that hodge podge of styles makes them more real to me than the often seen uniformed figures. Imagine the squabbles after a party of adventuring murder hobos have been successfully prevented from stealing all your shiny things, who gets the boots from the paladin? What about that lovely grey cloak off the knife-ear? Happy times in the dungeon.

Aenor Miniatures Ogre

Okay let's address the elephant in the room, or in this case the Ogre Brute in the Party. This monster has been sculpted to represent something 10 feet tall, doubling the size of most 28 mm human infantry out there. He has a classic look of the club wielding ogre, but while the design isn't cluttered with overly fussy detailing there is for me the right amount of small pieces to make him stand out. You expect to see bones and heads, but there is a knights helm being used as a belt buckle, and speaking of belts it looks like his bracers have been made by wrapping his forearms in about a dozen of them.

Aenor Miniatures Ogre Lloyd shot

As you can see from the Lloyd shot he's taken the clever measure of a large cask of ale and small knap sacks of food. This is clever as any survival expert will tell you that you can survive for 3 weeks without food, 3 days without water, or 3 hours if you let the Ogre sober up!

The kickstarter campaign will produce the orcs in either resin or metal depending on your preference and they have shown off how they compare to the original sculpt, so whatever material you choose you are receiving a quality miniature. The ogre will only be resin as he's a beast.

Aenor Miniatures comparison

(L-R) original sculpt, resin, metal, metal with a black wash. This fat little goblin is from their previous kickstarter.

I recommend stopping off at their website to take a look at the back catalogue, the sculpts are stunning and they have modern horror and some whimsical sci-fi miniatures as well. All in all I'd say they were legendary

Thanks to @robert for the heads up on this tasty morsel as it's a company I'd not heard of, also @robert I hate you now as does my wallet!

Help an Orc to protect their home from murder hobos to-day!

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