One Page Rules Bundle An Entire Dwarf Army For 3D Printers

September 23, 2020 by avernos

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One Page Rules have just bundled together an armies worth of STL files for a dwarven army and it's on their shop page on CGTraders right now with a 20% discount if you're looking to pick up a 3D bargin.


Dwarven Army Deal // One Page Rules

The army deal contains a bundle of fun, just look at all those happy smiling Justin faces. There is a Lord pack and six unit packs to allow you to build any style of dwarf army you need whether it's for Age of Sigmar, Kings of War or One Page Rules own Age of Fantasy you'll find exactly what you need in here. There are some spectacular units in there and at the risk of repeating myself I'll just show off a few of my favourites.

Golems // One Page Rules

Riflemen // One Page Rules

Beserkers // One Page Rules

Add to these the heavily armoured warriors and the ranged versions and it's an incredible looking force that anyone will be happy to put on the tabletop. If there was one criticism that could be levelled it would be that they're all roaring, a few faces with closed mouths would change things up a bit, but that's minor and I'm sure 3D print type people can probably shut those jaws on them.

One Page Rules are really ramping up the 3D releases and it's great to see more fantasy models for the tabletop, they just need some proper square bases to really set them off to a tee.

Will you be printing the short ones for your army?

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