New Faction Debuts For Conquest As The W’adrhŭn Appear.

February 11, 2021 by avernos

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Para Bellum Wargames are expanding the world of Eä with their newest faction that will be hitting the shelves in March. The fifth faction for Conquest the Last Argument of Kings is the nightmarish to google W’adrhŭn. A savage faction of humanoid saurians with a fascinating backstory to boot.

W’adrhŭn Preview Edition Scion of Conquest

The full range starts to launch properly in April, but in March you will be able to get your hands on a unique alternative sculpt of a Scion of Conquest. These are War-Priests that are entrusted by the W’adrhŭn Tribal Council to lead troops into battle. This figure shows a brutal beauty in the sculpt ripe with possibilities for painters and collectors. I love the feral leather, bones and furs that make up the clothing, but it is the design of the face that really sets them apart from other orcs, a beautifully sinister countenance.

The W’adrhŭn are Para Bellum's take on dinosaur riding orcs, their backstory is one that needs to be read in full to be truly appreciated, but to give you a flavour. A long time ago a warhost of Dwegholm besieged three spires deep in the desert, in their attempts to perfect a race of warriors to fight for them the Spires created the primogenitors of the W’adrhŭn, four perfect beings to being the race, but they realised immediately that they had gone too far and put these on ice while they created a diluted race that would not be a threat to them. However, a cataclysm befell the world and to save themselves they had to abandon the Spires leaving the W’adrhŭn to face the Dwegholm to buy them time. These creatures literally bred for war managed to break the siege and those that survived settled in lush jungles and were forgotten until now.

W’adrhŭn Support Pack // Conquest

Apart from the Scion, you will also be able to grab the new faction Support Pack containing all the game aids your W’adrhŭn will need such as; Spell cards, Objective Cards, Army Cards, Wound Markers and a faction specific deck box.

I'm very excited to see where the W’adrhŭn go and anyone who is interested should visit the living world and learn more about them because the story that the team at Para Bellum are weaving together with the community is a rich tapestry indeed.

Will you be bookmarking this page for the spelling of W’adrhŭn?

"The W’adrhŭn are Para Bellum's take on dinosaur riding orcs, their backstory is one that needs to be read in full to be truly appreciated"

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