Last Sword Miniatures Unveil Their Patreon

September 21, 2020 by avernos

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Last Sword Miniatures are a company from Spain who have done some spectacular resin models for fantasy gaming. Standing out among past offerings are their Undead range that have a french feudal knight theme and the Lizardmen army that was recently on Kickstarter. Up until now they've produced the miniatures themselves in Resin, but now they have launched a Patreon so you can get your hands on a variety of miniatures at home.

Last Sword Miniatures

Every month they will have a selection of figures, a terrain piece and a big guy, at the top tier you can get them all at lower levels you can pick and chose between the STL files that are available. There is also a pair of figures in the welcome pack, a skink priest and an elf prince with a phoenix pet on his arm, once again either or both are available depending on where you pledge per month.

Elven Prince with Pheonix // Last Sword Miniatures

Their sculpting style is nice and clean with enough flourishes to make any painter happy and while they have a distinctly Old World feel they would fit in any fantasy setting you want them to. The terrain piece for the first month is a flatbed cart that works well as both scenery or an objective for your games and has plenty of room for the barrels that are also part of the file.

Cart and Cargo // Last Sword Miniatures

The main focus of the figures this month is the Wolf Guard and a Captain, Priest, Swordsman and Man-at-arms are all available as part of the Patreon. The figures look excellent with some gorgeous detailing on the figures and the wolf motif repeated on the steel helm of the Captain as well as a real wolf head being worn by the priest of the sect.

The Wolf Warband

The fighters are well turned out and their garb is both realistic while still being perfect for fantasy warriors. Last Sword Miniatures are engaging with their patreons as well and after being asked if the steel wolf helm file from the captain could be made available as a separate piece, they went one step further and instead made a set of heads wearing it so people could get a range of sculpts to personalise their warbands with.

If you're into your 3D printing and fantasy this is well worth checking out, for the old school people like myself check out their website which is full of resin models to pick up and paint without any technical skills being required.

Homo homini lupus est

"they went one step further and instead made a set of heads wearing it so people could get a range of sculpts to personalise their warbands with."

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