Ragnarok 3 Live On Kickstarter With “Dvergatal” Miniatures

May 10, 2022 by fcostin

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Ragnarok Miniatures are back on Kickstarter, rich in the inspiration of North Mythology and fused with tales and stories of Tolkien's Middle-earth.

Ragnarok 3 - Ragnarok Miniatures

Ragnarok 3 // Ragnarok Miniatures

The campaign is now live, having already smashed through its target. Ragnarok returns with the Dvergatal, a hardy band of dwarven warriors, an all-powerful grey wizard, a slippery-fingered halfling and a whole horde of goblins to face.

Bvalin and Dvalin - Ragnarok 3

Bvalin and Dvalin // Ragnarok 3

Fili And Kili - Ragnarok 3

Fili And Kili // Ragnarok 3

Thorin's Company is gearing up for an adventure: Bvalin, Dvalin, Bifur, Bofur, Bombur, Fili, Kili, Oin, Gloin, Dori, Nori, and Ori will be standing side by side with Thorin, to hack through any dark and disturbed enemy set out to foil their risky plans. With the help of a quirky halfling and a mighty grey wizard all in 28mm. Plus pledges will receive a special, Durin The Dwarf Father to add to their ranks, just to add some extra intimidation from under the mountain!

These Middle-earth do-gooders would need a force to contend with, bringing a whole cohort of Goblins in different masses. As there are options to pick up some Goblins en masse!

Armoured Dokkalfar Goblins

Armoured Dokkalfar Goblins // Ragnarok 3 Kickstarter

Night Goblins

Night Goblins // Ragnarok 3 Kickstarter

Forest Snaga Goblins

Forest Snaga Goblins // Ragnarok 3 Kickstarter

These goblins come in many different variations, providing different pledges factoring by type and number. Whether you want a Small Goblin Bag of 40 miniatures from 5 of the different Goblin Sets, or want to go all-in with a 100 Goblins with the Great Goblin Grab Bag - there are plenty of choices to suit your needs.

-627a2286ba22e--627a2286ba22fDurin, The Dwarf Father - Ragnarok 3.jpg

Durin, The Dwarf Father Special Miniature // Ragnarok 3 Kickstarter

If you are keen on getting the models on your tabletop asap, there is a super-speedy shipping option pledge, which will include shipping and get to within four weeks of the campaign ends - which is estimated June. If you are in the regular running of pledges, you can expect to see your mob of dwarves by October.

Myself, I can see this set as a perfect match for Goblin Town! All that's missing is a game of riddles with a desolated and malnourished halfling.

Over on the Kickstarter Campaign, Ragnarok Miniatures have also announced the opening of their website. So be sure to have a nosey to check out their full scope of products past the campaign in their online store, including Draugr, Dvergr, Goblins and Vikings.

Ragnarok 3 - Featured Image

Ragnarok 3 // Ragnarok Miniatures

There are 8 days left on the clock and already funded. So if you were keen on stacking up on your goblins, or simply want the legendary Dwarves of the Hobbit on your table, be sure to check out the campaign for Ragnarok 3.

Are you tempted to check out the Dvergatal on Kickstarter?

"Pledges will receive a special, Durin The Dwarf Father to add to their ranks, just to add some extra intimidation from under the mountain!"

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