The Shire Rises On Pannithor As Mantic Showcase New Halflings

July 29, 2021 by avernos

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Mantic Games are shaking up Pannithor with a new army for Kings of War as the Halflings have left the League of Rhordia and will be getting their very own Shire Defence League.

Halfling Starter Army // Mantic Games

Hinted at in the 3rd edition rulebook we knew that there were changes coming for the League as the Halflings withdrew and set up shop on their own and in doing so this has allowed Matt and the team at Mantic to put their own stamp on the pint-sized pugilists and with the reveals of the renders in April we could already see that they were going to be something unique and now we can see exactly what to expect from an army that is so new it doesn't yet have an army list!

Halfling Stalwarts // Kings of War

Halfling Braves // Kings of War

Plastic Infantry

First up let's just talk about the plastic infantry they can be armed in one of three ways, above you can see the spear and hand weapon armed infantry and below the rifles. It shows both the technological level of the halflings, they are engineers and tinkerers after all, and at the same time, we can also see that the makeup of the force is men and women giving the impression that they are not an aggressive standing army but instead a conscripted militia defending themselves. It is further reinforced by the occasional top hat amongst the crowd.

Halfling Rifles // Kings of War

I'm also a big fan of the rifles, yes I am sure that there are stealthy woodsmen who have bows, but honestly, I just like this Victorian feel instead of another rehash of Tolkien or Italian Wars silk-clad warriors.

Medium Aralez Cavalry // Kings of War

Plastic Cavalry

Likewise the cavalry can be outfitted in the same fashion allowing you to make the medium cavalry above for some shock and awe, or as below fast-moving rifles to pin your target in place and harry the flanks. Also yes, they are riding giant dogs, actually, if you want to be technical they are riding a wingless Aralez, a flying dog that had already been introduced into the lore and world of Pannithor, so I have high hopes of some flying cav in my future!

Doggo Cav, Are you happy I said it?

The most interesting thing for me is that these are not separate kits. Instead Mantic are releasing a single hard plastic box that will allow you to build ten infantry and five cavalry models. Kyle and Matt have stated that the ratio will also feed into the playtest army list that will be released at the same time as the army becomes available. Obviously, a big thing about Kings of War is the balance not just of armies, but of builds within armies allowing people to put what they want on the tabletop and still be viable, but I'm definitely interested in seeing the direction they take the halflings army.

Halfling Mounted On Forest Troll

Resin Kits

Apart from the plastic set there are also a variety of support coming in the form of some resin kits. My favourite being the Forest Troll with his wicked looking cutting machine and Halfing herder! We've also seen a regiment of Forest Trolls with halfling sharpshooters mounted on their backs which is an excellent way to go to war. I'm also a fan of the Halflings having a peaceful relationship with these trolls and using them for the heavy lifting so to speak.

Aralez With Spellflinger // Mantic Games

As some needed spell support there will also be a mage included in the army set, to aid you in either bane chanting your units or upsetting your opponent with a well-timed wind blast into some hindering terrain. I think this army is looking terrific and although I don't need any more halflings I will be buying a lot more halflings.

The blend of serious and quirky encapsulate what I want to see with the diminutive fighters and at the same time they are wholly Mantic's own, plus none of them are morbidly obese, so here's hoping we can move away from fat halflings and make people fear a sword being stabbed up from below waist height! Mantic are expecting to launch the new army in late August so keep an eye out for pre-orders appearing soon.

Will you be joining the Shire?

"The blend of serious and quirky encapsulate what I want to see with the diminutive fighters and at the same time they are wholly Mantic's own"

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