Toothy Salamanders & Halfling Armies Coming To Kings Of War

April 16, 2021 by brennon

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Mantic Games has been showcasing two of the new armies coming to the Fantasy world of Kings Of War over the next few months. The first of these is going to be the Salamanders, an army of powerful and monstrous lizard-warriors who are ready to kick ass.

Ghekkotah Skylord - Kings Of War

Ghekkotah Skylord // Kings Of War

First up, we have one of the mighty Ghekkotah Skylords who is mounted on the back of a seriously cool looking phoenix. If you couldn't guess by now, it seems like fire is a pretty big part of being a Salamander and I am ok with that. Not content with one pair of wings, this bird mount has two and is ready to spew fire onto its enemies.

Lots of the models on the horizon are going to be useful for those playing Kings Of War but they would also be good for Vanguard as well.

Unblooded - Kings Of War

Unblooded // Kings Of War

For example, you might want to tinker with the Unblooded. This shows off some of the options that will available to add to the hard plastic sprues. I do like that the core of the army is still going to be plastic but with a few bits and bobs here and there to turn them into more unique and/or elite units.

Sticking with the theme of elite troops, we also have this rather excellent set of miniatures for the Rhinosaurs Cavalry.

Rhinosaurs - Kings Of War

Rhinosaurs // Kings Of War

This is going to be one of their detailed resin kits which will give you some epic mounts and their riders to use in battle. I can see washes being used to good effect across these miniatures to bring out all of the bumps and ridges in their scaly hides.

If you want to add even more terrifying lizards into your army then maybe you'll like the Ghekkotah Slasher which also got previewed recently.

Ghekkotah Slasher - Kings Of War

Ghekkotah Slasher // Kings Of War

I like the idea of having artillery in your army that can fight back. Rather than this simply being a set of crew that have to run away from their cannon, this ballista can chew you up and spit you out. There are all manner of fun hard plastic and resin pieces planned for those building up Salamander armies so you've got much to look forward to.

Halfling Armies!

As well as the Salamanders, you can also now call on a Halfling army too. It seems like these diminutive warriors have become quite the "thing" in 2021.

Muster Captain On Dog - Kings Of War

Muster Captain On Dog // Kings Of War

Your Halfling army can be led by someone like this Muster Captain on the back of his loyal hound. He is mounted on the back of an Aralez which is a big ol' Fantasy dog. I think it looks awesome and would be perfect for those making a themed force of kick-ass pie-eaters.

As well as the Muster Captain, you'll also be able to pick up some hard plastic kits which allow you to make infantry and cavalry miniatures.

Halfling Infantry & Cavalry - Kings Of War

Halfling Infantry & Cavalry // Kings Of War

It's great to see that these Halflings are able to hold their own and they're not just country bumpkins! These small folk are rocking rifles and the cavalry look as good at their job as their Muster Captain. There is certainly an air of Tolkien's Hobbits about these miniatures with the top hats, mutton chops and the like. This no bad thing though, I quite like the look and think it would be fun to see on the tabletop.

Are you going to be picking up some fiery Salamanders or plucky Halflings for Kings Of War?

"Your Halfling army can be led by someone like this Muster Captain on the back of his loyal hound..."

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