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A Towering Giant Previewed For Mantic’s Kings Of War: Vanguard


Some of the new resin models for Mantic Games’ Kings Of War: Vanguard popped up on their Kickstarter page recently. There are plenty of models shown on sprues and in component parts but I wanted to show off their MASSIVE Frost Giant.

New Renders Of Mantic’s Giant Loom Over Kings Of War Vanguard


Mantic have revealed the latest renders of their upcoming Fantasy Giant, currently up for pre-order on the Vanguard Pledge Manager.

Beta Rules For Kings Of War: Vanguard Available Now!


Beta Rules & Northern Alliance Thegn Revealed

Grab KoW Vanguard Late Pledges & Check Out Exclusive Frost Giant Preview!


Mantic Games have now announced their Late Pledges option for Kings Of War: Vanguard, which was on Kickstarter last year

Mantic Games Update Kings Of War In Clash Of Kings 2018


Mantic have released the latest installment in their annual Kings of War supplement; Clash of Kings 2018.

New Renders For Mantic’s Kings Of War Vanguard Shared


Mantic Games shared some new previews of what’s being worked on for Kings Of War Vanguard. This comes in the shape of an array of renders for some of the different factions in the game.

Mantic Games Add A Giant & Northern Warriors To Their Vanguard Kickstarter


With the final few days coming up for the Kings Of War: Vanguard Kickstarter by Mantic Games I thought I’d dip in and show off the awesome artwork for some of their stretch goals including this awesome Giant!

Let’s Play: Kings Of War: Vanguard – Capture The Loot Scenario


Weekender: Battle Systems’ Core Space First Look & Super Secret Infinity Updates!


It’s time to delve into The Weekender with some awesome interviews looking at Battle Systems’ Core Space, a new Sci-Fi skirmish game, and what lies ahead for Infinity with Carlos.

Mantic Games Take Kings Of War: Vanguard To Kickstarter


Mantic Games are expanding on the world of Kings Of War with Vanguard, their new skirmish game, which is now available for you to support on Kickstarter.

Introducing Kings Of War: Vanguard With Rob From Mantic


Weekender: Win An Epic Chain Of Command Bundle & Warhammer Shadespire Favourite Factions


Mantic Show Off More Art & Renders For Kings Of War: Vanguard


Mantic Games are diving into the world of Kings Of War: Vanguard with some new artwork and renders for their Nightstalkers as well.

Mantic Games Begin Previews For Kings Of War: Vanguard


Mantic Games have recently shared some artwork from a new project of theirs, Kings Of War: Vanguard.

Weekender: Micro Art Studio’s Cool Kickstarter & We’ve Started Playing Star Wars Destiny!


Help me, Only Lloydi.
You’re my only hope.

Exclusive! Fiery Elementals & Undead Dragons For Kings Of War


Produced in-house by their resin department, Mantic Games has shown us some awesome images of their December releases for Kings Of War.

Kings Of War Edge Of The Abyss Campaign Update!


We get an update on the Kings Of War
Edge Of The Abyss Campaign.
Help change the fate of Mantica!

The Dwarf Steel Behemoth Stomps Into Kings Of War From Mantic


Mantic Games has shown off a big brute of a war machine coming to the tabletop for the Dwarfs of Kings Of War. See what you make of the Steel Behemoth.

The Revenant King Rides His Wyrm Into Kings of War


Mantic have revealed an upcoming leader for the forces of Kings of War’s undead, the Revenant King on his Undead Wyrm.

Kings Of War Online Campaign, Edge Of The Abyss Begins!


Battle it out in Kings Of War with The Edge Of The Abyss campaign, now live!

VLOG: Kings of Saga – Make your own custom bases


Catch up with Lloyd’s gaming DIY projects.