The Blood Moon Rises At Signum Games

August 2, 2021 by avernos

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Signum Games have released two new factions for their Legends of Signum skirmish game and with the rising of the blood moon the witch hunters find themselves up against the vampires of Styx.

Ezekiel, the Night Watch // Signum Games

The Witch Hunters are a set of six individuals who fight against the forces of darkness protecting the lands of Signum. The miniatures are heroically proportioned 32mm resin figures and are a mixture of mounted and on foot. As you can see the details on the renders are crisp and well defined and owning a fair number of their work already I can attest to the high quality of the actual castings. The design is heavily inspired by the old Rackham miniatures line but they have taken it in their own direction as they created Legends and the world it inhabits.

Julius Insidious the Old Hunter // Legends of Signum

As you can see there is a large amount of character and a dash of whimsy in some of the designs for the vampire hunters, Julius has a steampowered wheel chair to keep him out and fighting the undead accompanied by his faithful hound. I am particularly enamoured with the wooden stake scythed wheels on his chair and the smile on his face as he sets about his calling. Apart from human priests and hunters they also have an iron-jawed Wolfen with a multibarreled Gatling shotgun to battle the undead through superior firepower. Finally answering the question of what is more frightening than a Wolfen once and for all.

Videnta, the Bloody Baroness // Signum Games

Videnta, the Bloody Baroness joins the ranks of the Undead of Styx and with her, the bloodsucking ranks have been joined by real predators. Wolfens became even more bloodthirsty, exploring the skies to become elusive and dangerous for the hunters, who, for their part, develop a new weapon against the flying monsters. It looks like this battle will never end.

Dorran, Leader of the Bloodthirsty Pack

These monstrous wolfen infected with the vampire's curse take the skies to hunt their prey and are magnificent sculpts to boot! I particularly like them because it reminds me of a Real Ghostbusters episode that ended with winged vampiric werewolves being trapped in a village. Also that sculpt is stunning and even if you're not planning on playing Legends of Signum it could be worth picking up for painting alone.

Apart from the miniatures, there are also some new pieces of scatter terrain and a set of resin scenic bases if you want to make your miniatures stand out a bit more on the table. It's another spectacular offering from the team at Signum Games and if you are a painter it's worth paying attention to their range with some truly unique and dynamic sculpts. Every month is a wonder with their fantastical range and I have heard whisperings of the Orient being visited in the near future.

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