Printing In Detail Build A 10mm MiniRat Empire Of Man Army

August 5, 2021 by brennon

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Tempted to dive into the 10mm pool and swim around in a world of Fantasy games like Warmaster or Fantastic Battles? See what you make of the new Empire Of Man range which is available as a physical release from Printing In Detail based on sculpts from MiniRat Studio.

Empire Of Men General - MiniRatStudio

Empire Of Man General // MiniRat Studio

MiniRat Studio has done a stunning job on these tiny miniatures to evoke the feel of the army from The Old World. You have a couple of characters currently as part of the range with your General above holding his Runefang high. You also have the Empire Of Man Mage who is evoking powerful spells to decimate his enemies.

Empire Of Men Mage - MiniRatStudio

Empire Of Man Mage // MiniRat Studio

Karl Franz and Balthasar Gelt have never looked as good when this small. I love the amount of detail that we've got in these sculpts and Printing In Detail have done a superb job bringing them to life. They are absurdly crisp prints that immediately draw the eye.

Empire Of Man Troops

As well as the new characters, we've also got the core of an army. You are not going to be wanting for the likes of Halberdiers, Handgunners and the like as MiniRat covered all the bases!

Empire Of Men Halberdiers - MiniRatStudio

Empire Of Man Halberdiers // MiniRat Studio

Again, I am blown away by the detail here. I have recently got my hands on some 10mm miniatures and I am already in love with them. So, seeing other armies like these come to life it is incredibly hard not to pick up these, the Noble Elves, the Wood Elves and more!

Empire Of Men Handgunners - MiniRatStudio

Empire Of Man Handgunners // MiniRat Studio

As mentioned above, the core of this force is already available. You've got your mainstays with the Halberdiers, Handgunners and Knights (see below)...

Empire Of Men Knights - MiniRatStudio

Empire Of Man Knights // MiniRat Studio

...but they have also released a bunch of their more specialist units too. For example, many Empire Of Man armies will want to call on their faithful in the form of Flagellants!

Empire Of Men Flagellants - MinIRatStudio

Empire Of Man Flagellants // MiniRat Studio

We just need some awesome Warrior Priests and stuff to lead them into battle. They all look mad, bad and dangerous to know which is just what you want from your crazed zealots.

Perhaps you want to show off the might of your engineers? That's where the likes of this Steam Tank come into play!

Empire Of Men Steampunk - MiniRatStudio

Empire Of Man Steampunk // MiniRat Studio

If this has caught your eye then I would also recommend you head on over and check out the Printing In Detail webstore. They have also got the likes of Pistoliers and Skirmishers for you to consider using with your armies.

Make sure to check out MiniRat Studio themselves over on Patreon too. They are already working on mounted versions of their leader figures and some big guns. They might also have made that Warrior Priest I was asking about.

Are you going to be checking these out?

"They have also got the likes of Pistoliers and Skirmishers for you to consider using with your armies..."

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