Andy Zeck 1968 – 2020

May 8, 2020 by crew

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It was with unbelievable sadness last weekend, that we learned Andy Zeck (@suetoniuspaullinus to many of you) had passed away on the 19th April 2020.

Andy was a very close friend of both our community and the tabletop gaming world at large. He was also a great friend to many of us personally. Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife and daughters and we are utterly heartbroken by the news.

Andy was an incredibly gentle and kind man, with a talent for churning out beautiful miniatures which kept us delighted, entertained, and most importantly inspired!

We had hoped to have him on film showcasing his talent and I will now regret forever that we have lost the opportunity to let him share his secrets in person with you. However, we hope that his influence will continue in all of the work produced in the forums and projects.

It is with that in mind that we have reached out to his family to pass on our condolences and ask their permission to work on creating a Community Award in Andy’s memory. Our aim is to help cement his contributions into the fabric of this community and hopefully to continue inspiring folk in our hobby for years to come.

We’d like to thank his wife Manuela and his Daughters for their kind permission.

In closing, we remember Andy as being a wonderful human, friend, and inspiration to many of us. Rest in peace Andy, you have all of our love.

If you would like to see some of Andy’s prolific painting skills which carried across genres and time periods, you can find out more as part of his profile.

Andy Zeck (@seutoniuspaullinus)

We also wanted to share this video we pulled from the archives. Here is just a glimpse of his talents from our Fabled Realms Boot Camp where his ability to churn out painted miniatures was on full display as well as his wonderful persona.

Let us also take a moment to admire some of Andy’s superb painting. He created a fantastic and varied miniature collection and catalogued much of it here as part of our community as well as elsewhere. We have a link to his Projects here but Andy was also very active in the forums. Below is a showcase of his amazing skills.

Once again, our thoughts and prayers are with his wife and daughters. Rest in peace Andy.

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