Let’s Play: Lightseekers – Nature vs Storm Starter Decks

February 27, 2018 by dignity

We are continuing to play our way through the six starter decks for the Lightseekers TCG from Play Fusion.

Let's Play: Lightseekers - Nature vs Storm Starter Decks

If you missed them be sure to check out our previous matchups between the Dread and Storm and the Mountain and Tech orders.

In this matchup the Nature starter deck, which has a lot of healing power and abilities that trigger off your opponents, is facing the Storm order with their combo-centric playstyle and some of the best character art in the game!

Justin's hero Treanu gives him the ability to draw 2 cards at the cost of healing your opponent for 3 health. Coco's hero Malia will increase damage from combos by 1.

Are you a fan of the thunder slug?

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