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Early War WWII German Infantry Invades 1st Corps Webstore


1st Corps has added a new set of 28mm metal miniatures to their webstore for your Early War World War II wargaming. The Germans are leading the way with miniatures designed to fit into the period between 1939 and 1942 across multiple theatres of war.

First Corps Fly Their Arthurian Age Colours With Vortigern & More


First Corps has added some new warriors to their collection flying their colours at the head of an army. Will you be riding to war with Vortigern?

First Corp Litter The Field With Dead British Paratroopers


First Corp have added some casualties of war to their webstore. Sometimes those drops didn't go so well and so you can use these 28mm British Paratrooper Casualties for objective markers and to show when squads have taken a few brutal hits...

First Corps Ride Into Battle With Ancient Scythians & Sarmatians


Sticking with some more cavalry news today we have a look at a new addition to the Scythian & Sarmatian section of the First Corps webstore. They have now added this Light Cavalry Command option to their listings for those of you wanting to command some Ancient warriors.

Get Ready To Stage A 19th Century Revolt With John Brown & First Corps


If you're looking to cause some upset at Harper's Ferry then how about picking up John Brown & Boys plus some Armed Civilians thanks to First Corp. Drumming up a bit of trouble for the establishment seems like the kind of thing these fellows enjoy...

First Corp Drop Into World War II Alongside New Paratroopers


First Corp are dropping in from the skies for World War II. Some more Paratroopers have been added to their range for the British including a Parachute hitting the ground and a whole bunch of new Cargo Containers & Kit that would make perfect objectives...

Fight For King Henry V Or Charles d’Albret With First Corps


If you're looking for some larger than life figures for your Medieval wargaming then see what you make of First Corps' Henry V and Charles d'Albret for the Kingdoms of England and France...

First Corps Get Your Vehicles Sorted For World War I & II


First Corps have added some vehicles to their line-up that would suit being in World War I and World War II. The first of these is the Armoured Canadian Auto Car with Machine Guns and the second the British Airborne Recce Jeep with Twin Vickers...

First Corps Bring Religion To The Masses With New Bishop & Attendants


See what you think of this very holy looking Bishop from First Corps who needs to bring his religious message to you via the back of an Oxen.

1st Corps Drops In The British Airborne and Their Artillery


Looking to add a little more punch to your 28mm British Airborne? 1st Corps might just have what you are looking for.

Lead The French In Reclaiming France With First Corp’s Joan Of Arc


First Corp will be following the Maid of Orleans into battle as they release a 28mm version of Joan of Arc for the webstore.

First Corps Take Shots From The Saddle With New Horse Archers


Take your shots from horseback with the addition of some more Horse Archers for Sarmations, Scythians or Saka forces in Ancient period wargaming.

Ready For War With 1st Corps Arthurian & Saxon Warriors!


Will you side with the Saxons or Britons when it comes to fighting in the Arthurian age with 1st Corps?

Get Up Close & Personal With WWII Russians from First Corps


Take out your enemies at close range in a spray of bullets with these World War II Russians with Submachine Guns from First Corps!

First Corps World War I Miniatures Rush Into No-Mans Land


Want to pick up a vignette commemorating World War I and also help out charity at the same time? See what you think of this one from First Corps.

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