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Star Wars Armada is dead …… Sort of … what about X-wing and Legion ?

Home Forums News, Rumours & General Discussion Star Wars Armada is dead …… Sort of … what about X-wing and Legion ?

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    Maybe Armada / Xwing / Legion / Imperial Assault aren’t as passionate ?

    Even if they were, Star Wars is such a big IP that any fan made living rulebook would look like real good cheese to the mouse. BB is “a fantasy football game” and generic enough to let people have some wiggelroom.



    I’m not sure the fans are any less passionate, but are a different type of fan. I always got the impression that Xwing and Legion drew in a whole crowd of players that had never played tabletop games before and they’re passionate about starwars more than the actual games, if AMG stop producing them there will still be Starwars “toys” available

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    I’d say that’s a big part of that as well.


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    The fanbase is a very good point, I know I as an existing wargamer only really noticed X-Wing and Armada because they were star wars, that they are both for me pretty fun games was a bonus.

    I will admit my first reaction on skim-reading the announcement was “they’re killing it off” but then I realized a really dislike that term and calling a game “Dead”, it seems to have become overused over the last several years. It also I think drives and/or is driven by this, I need a new shiny thing and must have the latest ruleset mentality that’s largely driven by commercial interests and a few certain companies that must not be named 😉

    I can’t really think of any games id consider “dead” of the top of my head in the sense they are no longer playable as originally intended except maybe a few PC MMO’s that no longer have the servers. I did consider Warhammer, I think that’s the closest, to being a “dead” game in that you literally cant buy the rules or miniatures specifically for it, but then again the community has kept rules going and there’s a huge range of 3rd part manufactures making minis. Nobody has ever called Monolopy “dead” or Risk or Axis and Allies, all of which are fundamentally the same game now they where decades ago, minus reprints.




    got sent an app for Confrontation built by two community members, now that game is as close to dead as you can get, the company doesn’t even exist anymore, yet the community have kept playing it for years despite the hurdles



    @jamescutts no one ever thought that Monopoly, Risk and Axis&Allies had much in the way of a community. Maybe the few dedicated fans who manage the tournaments for these games, but none were loud/big enough to get noticed outside of their bubble. Or maybe it’s because I don’t follow boardgame communities in general ?

    @sundancer yeah … the Mouse may be a bigger threat to the survival of Armada-communities than anything else.
    GW would probably be the same if they could afford their own army of lawyers …



    what are you talking about, at one point the lawyers at Lenton were the largest department. Never fear they have plenty of them


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    To be honest I don’t really think Armada has been killed off. They basically fired the entire studio that was working on the Star Wars stuff and I would not be surprised if the only thing that AMG can really handle right now is Star Wars Legion and reprints.

    I think the next thing we could see is Armada 2.0 but it could be a few years down the line.


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    Just play Star Wars Legion with the Bolt Action star wars rules a wargamer has produced at this website link:

    Then what you can do is base the points on these codex points
    For the Rebels
    For the Imperials

    Or just use this Rule book Xenos Rampant which is new from this website.

    There are also a few Star Wars STL file websites who sell Star Wars figures for 3D printing in Resin if you have a 3D printer or access to one from a friend or company.

    The choice is yours but you would have more fun playing Xenos Rampant.  No game is dead unless you give it up yourself.  WW2 game Rapid Fire which also has an Excel spreadsheet armylist is still played at wargame clubs and events.

    Trouble with main stream wargames is that they are fashionable games to play but fashion changes all the time and things get dropped big time, nothing stays in the mainstream arena for long even if they have had another edition.  The only good game is the one you produce or the one you carry on.  Look at NetEpic and Necromunda still going as living rule books online and such a strong community developing and taking those games further.  A mainstream company will have you buying edition after edition “JUST TO MAKE MONEY!”  Once investors and share holders buy in to the company forget about your edition of the rules lasting an eternity.  WW2 Rapid Fire has been out since 1994/1996 and has only had two editions.  Come on people you decide the fate of your imagination if you rely on companies to provide it for you with your wargame.  I have heard through the wargame industry Star Wars Legion has not got that long left either, AND NO company is going to tell you they are dropping a line or product until the stock has gone.  This message from Atomic Mass Games is total company waffle and complete rubbish and if you will a “distraction”  . Mainstream companies always lie to their customers.  I know I have worked for a few.  The last 10 years has seen such a sludge of rubbish for the wargame community its impossible to walk in to a Wargames club and not find GW or AMG Games.  This is NOT a wargame industry its just a Money Machine.  The last 10 years has not been about people playing wargames but about people being lied to by wargame companies and the increasing profits the share holders are making.


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    I kinda agree and disagree with the above, agree in as much as you can free your hobby by not being bound to a ruleset.  Seen several Lardy varieties to play star wars games.  Only reason 40k minis are still in my collection is because I don’t see them as tied to 40k rules


    Disagree that that Legion will be dropped, as it is according to some game charts a outselling all other AMG products.  Also they just preview an update of soft plastic early models into hard plastic with a expect release of 2025 onwards.  I am not even sure on Armada or x-wing, they have both received new rules development even if print and play.  Statement on Armada is clear, until further notice we are developing no new product, not sure how that is deceptive.  X-wing has gotten new stuff but to my mind it is nearly a done game, so new development will be limited unless there is a new plan.

    I do think that the hobby has become about the new shiny, and marketing certainly plays into that.  However  that is because it works and a lot of the social media around the hobby is about the new thing.  So that is on the community a much as the companies

    I do agree though that it is healthy to view a company, as a company, and not develop this love/hate thing it is all to easy to fall into.  Buy products that you personally see value in, avoid those that you don’t.  However, the ‘mainstream’ thing I am not sure is doing that, it feels more of a general big companies bad, regardless of what they offer.


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