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Review: Modern Combat Role Playing Lite

June 15, 2018 by sheck2


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Skirmish Sangin is a small model count modern wargame (5-15 per side) which emphasizes individual actions and affects giving it a role playing lite feel.  The scale is a few hundred yards by a few hundred yards and the 3 to 5 minutes of intense engagement rather than the maneuver to that point; where ranges (almost everything is within range) and ammo (except for grenades) do not have to be tracked simplifying gameplay.  Each individual figure's skills and rolls make a difference.  The primary game components are body position (upright, kneeling and prone), speed (run, walk, crawl and stationary), skill (level of experience and training) and weapon type (multiple classes of weapons simplifying gameplay but creating variety and options for equipping characters). The game uses an action point system for realistic and flexible gameplay and a dynamic activation system (which can be a little intimidating at times).

> It has similarities to Infinity without the complications.

> It is written for the Iraq and Afghan wars, but is easily adaptable to all modern combat.

> The tracking is basically looking up how much your target acquisition and chance to hit is (an that goes down to none once you get used to what the modifiers are).

If you are looking for a game that can be played in 60-90 minutes, provides a personal 'feeling' and has a realistic feel to outcomes without a ton of stats and tracking....skirmish is the way to go.

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